Holy White Light

Oh these next 6 weeks is what I’ve been feeling.  The next two full moons and a total lunar eclipse, too.  The transformation that can and will happen.  Smiling.  One of many of the reminders/themes though would be to rest/relax verses rush.  To stay present and see.  To enjoy because now really is pretty amazing.  I will also share a moment I had the other day…

I’ve felt before yet this time it presented differently.  It started as a moment when I couldn’t move.  Well, I mean, I am sure I could have if I needed.  More, as something was going on in my entire body; as if it was taken offline.  I just needed to be very still.  The last time this happened (a few months ago), it was almost for an hour.  Now though about 30 minutes.  I felt in an energy, almost as if I was removed or in a bubble. Then a lifting up and then, bright white light.  It was a mix of being in white clouds and an intense/almost blinding white light.  Yet, I knew one could adjust to the light… and that there were others present.  Our form is “there”.  We all just needed to adjust.  Once I was able to move again, it was like wow/profound/you know… yet might not be able to put words to it.  Afterwards I thought of “the event” that many write on.  Oh it is happening and for some of us very much now and in us.

So if one finds them self moving slow and new/different moments in meditation… all is amazingly well… and bright!

Anything that is keeping us from our truth will surface/be brought to our attention.  Yet even this seems to be a thing of the past.  Like happy days ahead.  Now really is about falling in love… with our essence… our journey… everything.  In love truth emerges… and any illusion just simply fades.  And, this is also a time to appreciate… oh how we take much for granted.

One may find that they may need moments of silence… time with self… and/or time to zero point any desire/story.  One may see where they allowed their mind to attach a story/energy thread.  Oh these can lead to experiences/lessons… or possibly a heck of a lot of fun, lol.  You decide.  😉  It is a time of balance… the external and the internal.  Feeling at peace and in joy.  And it can be simple… just follow your joy.

This is a very energetic time.  I could remind to pace self.  One may feel so connected/dialed in… then, in the between, then…. oh so many possibilities.  Shift and flow.  Crickets (symbolic for jumping ahead) have been surrounding me for over a week now.  In the past it was more birds (messengers), spiders (weaving our web), and deer (our gentle nature).  Really, all apply.

While I’ve noted a few messages, this seems to be what needed to be written .  Thank you for reading and sharing this amazing journey with me.  I am feeling truly blessed.  In light, love and heart space.   (( ❤ ))


P.S.  Electron flux continues… solar wind may be incoming over the next several days so if one has been down, get ready to be lifted up (or lift self up now)… and if one has been up, even higher…  😊

7 comments on “Holy White Light

  1. Only happy days ahead from now on.
    We’ve made it.
    Allowing that to deeply sink in and accept as the new paradigm is the only ‘challenge’ left.

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    • and the new paradigm is alive and well as many of us have been quietly building/tending to for quite some time now, a very solid foundation. Oh glory days as it rises. (and my wordpress doesn’t have all these cool emoji’s/icons, shucks, all I know to do thus far is ❤ 😊 😉

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