In the best light


Alrighty Loves and Lights… how are we doing??  After a week long pretty consistent electron flu, it may seem like is anyone standing?  And if one hasn’t been feeling in the body, probably some wow divine moments, astral/forerunning/reality work – the need to pull in… and/or personal discernment.  We are elevating, clearing and even detaching from some stories-realities-ley lines.  The old can keep us from seeing our truth and now.  Think, vast

And yes, now can be peaceful and easy… it just seems that many, right up until the cusp of this full moon/lunar eclipse, are doing some pretty important spiritual work.  It can do a number on one – the body.  While many possibilities/examples, I’ll note these:  going for something and not seeing it and later finding it in a very funny spot.  Wondering what day is it.  Unable to get their words/thoughts out.  Computer/electronic issues, etc.  I found myself dragging my feet on doing something and then Spirit chimed in, then listen to your soles/soul.  Yup!

And… as one is energetically changing, one might find that they’re easily over-stimulated – particularly in public/traffic/stores, etc.  One may even feel moments of irritability, exhaust (for no reason) or when doing something that is simple yet then it becomes a challenge and a feeling of coming unglued.  Yikes… yet please do laugh at self and love self.  If we had any idea on what our body is really doing/processing, we’d be in awe.

In this energy, things can happen quickly.  This can be a good thing or one may find that they need to slow it down.  The energy is to shake things up.  This next shift can be a big one.  It is time to for many to switch vibes and thrive.

Now is a great time to hold everything in the best light.  It is as if all negative thoughts have been released.  Everything can be seen as a higher plan.  One though may find themselves wrestling with self/an idea/plan, etc.  One can also make it so simple.  Surrender.  Answers/ways will come.

So enough words for now.  I love you! and thank you for reading.

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