You can’t give what you don’t have.


Years ago I had a serious of dreams… that honestly I didn’t understand.  Each one was a bit different yet when I paused and reviewed, I could see the theme.  In one of them…

I was back in my college dorm.  I didn’t have much (materialistically) then.  Like a toaster oven and small wardrobe of clothes.  Yet people were knocking at my door asking me to buy them a house.  In the dream I would tell them, I couldn’t as I had no home/way.  “Houses” hold much symbolism in dreams.  Rooms, floors, décor, location, what is going on inside, etc.  Often one can see the overlap and meaning/reminder of what is going on in one’s house/temple/body and energy.

This dream/theme recently re-surfaced… yet now I so understand and can even chuckle.  In ways, this is what this journey is about.  One could say acquiring new aspects… becoming whole… unlimited… and then, we are able to share… give it away… again and again.  The dynamics now though probably have changed.  Not as much of this journey is about materialistic/form.  This journey is about love… peace… freedom!  Feeling and being light.  From this all needed resources and ways come.  So often teachers/healers/spiritual beings have to first teach/heal/be… self.  And this may take the gift of time.  One may not even be able to fathom what they need yet trust that it will surface/be brought to you.  While there are many references and possibilities, this is about allowing your unique and special experience/gift.  I’ve found as I’ve turned inward and done my own work, it’s then also rippled out and manifested into the world.  A truly amazing process and experience.

I do remember when I had this set of dreams being frustrated.  What didn’t I have… and why… and when…?  Yet, I let go of the questions.  Patience and discovery is a huge part of this journey.  Spirit will move one along and it can be a very natural process.  It just happens and all comes together into a beautiful form and way.  Smiling.

So… … on a different note, I’ll also share as some may be feeling:

While there are many ways to describe now… I could compare it to a template wipe and a new one unfolding.  For me the past several days just needing to be (even more) present and in ways it seems like not as much gets done yet I/we know as we feel on the inside. And Holy Moly! While this list is not new… might be worth mentioning:

So happy one minute. Laughter-giddiness, too. In LOVE!!
Teary eyed gratitude, reverence, peace.

So, so out of it the next… somewhere else, time lost   .  Scatterbrained – did I pay my bills this month…? Not able to relate to anything 3D.

Out of nowhere irritability or finding yourself getting ready to act like a 3-year-old who needs a nap – yikes, please do breath, laugh at self, take a break and/or hug somebody!

Needing sleep. Can’t sleep.  Awaking and then finding within minutes to an hour one needs to go back to sleep to clear-integrate a whole new set of thoughts/energy/unknown.

HUNGRY one day… and then the next, when was the last time I ate?

Clumsy, lower body ache-drops.  Mild headache possible, too.

Heat/chi running in body, then a chill, serious energy moving in body – in a meditation I felt my heart physically move/leap/shift/expand and it was a wow/whoa.

And expect shifts. The full moon lunar eclipse is Friday yet this (energy) even seems a thing of the past. What was “yes” becomes a, no thank you. What was UP may now be old.  Oh big jumps ahead/now!  Trust that many are feeling.  This is a coming apart and… it will come back together.  If it’s in our highest truth, it will remain/come back around.  Everything has been thrown up, factored in and it will all now play out and again in the future, be paused/reviewed .  So now may be a time to allow, see what surfaces/settles verses pushing on or to the next.

Be open to new… and gifts.  Just relax… enjoy, pace self, flow… and, see ya on the other side!!  


P.S.  This gate really is about floating through.  It can be that easy.  Gravity goes…

12 comments on “You can’t give what you don’t have.

  1. Iconoclast….”Everything shifts so often I feel like a boomerang!” Well said, and agreed, little to no in between breaks as of late! 😜❤️✨💫

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  2. Oh yea!!! You said it ALL, and lol, to the 3 year old needing a nap!!! This influx has really been exhausting/healing….Felt the heart today…oh my, one huge POW, right between my breast….freaky at first, yet knew right away what it was, and was able to pause/RELAX!
    Big love and peaceful vibes to EVERYONE! ~~~~~~~~~~>💖💫

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