7/30-8/5 2018

Oh my goodness… youtube takes way to long to upload/process.  I will need to get with the times and find another way, lol.  Yet… there is a divine order and this was fun so, here we now go…

Shortly after recording the video, another rain band came.  More pouring down rain.  I rested (eyes closed) with the rain/thunder/lightening… and could see what is happening in our body.  I could say massive waves/pulses of light – what many forecasted as the year started.  While seeing the inner light show is not new  (well, for many of us it just started this year), these waves/pulses hit each differently.  For many it is not something seen.  It may instead cause a mood/funk, for some they need sleep… some get hyper… some physically get ick/sick.  I will say, it does get easier.  When others mentioned the light wouldn’t be backing down (earlier this year) I had to pray on this based on my experience thus far… and not so sure my body could do much more.  Trust that we are not given more than we can handle… … yet one may need to make adjustments and find a way that works for them.

So, at this point, a boat would be more practicable here than a car/vehicle… and a bit symbolic.  Just float!  One of the visuals I was given was a water slide.  We’re in a tube and water is assisting us to move/slide/yippee – like this is suppose to be fun.  Water/fluidity is the element that takes us there (verse fire, earth, wind – although these element may also factor in or be a priority – for example in California, wildfires).  For those of us on this water slide ride, it may seem like a blur yet then the tube will open up into the light and we’ll pop out and into a whole new perspective – splash!  And smiling.

I will also add, one may connect with an enormous good feeling in meditation… and this is where we’re headed.  Check on tribe though as now is not easy/confusing/overwhelming for some.  Oh laughter and love do work.  So, don’t get stuck in the mud.

Thanks for watching and reading.  BIG hug!!  ❤


P.S.  Interesting as my higher resolution video that I tried to 1st upload is still after 11 hours out there “processing”.  Symbolic – YUP!  So this one is a lower resolution yet still the same message.  A mirror on how the message/process takes time yet… we are getting it!

P.S.S.  Neck/head/lymph nodes… and possibly spine also seem to be upgrading.

4 comments on “7/30-8/5 2018

  1. Awe!!! Great seeing/hearing your sweet gentle voice/message! All is well with me, yet last week was a bit more challenging, and other’s whom I was surprised to hear from/letting me know about some “Strangeness”, they were speaking about the BRIGHTNESS, and sensitivity to the light, aha!! Remember me talking about this, and feeling that I needed sunglasses on in the house!? She/daughter needing the same kind of relief! Many felt this recent influx, and much has definitely SHIFTED!!!
    About the neck…..mine is feeling a bit better today, after several days of extreme tightness!!
    Thank you dear soul sister! ❤️

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