Ahhh… it seems quiet and calm at the moment.  Yet trust me that energetically it’s been busy.  We made it through the Lunar Eclipse and headed into the 8/8 Lion’s Gate.  More upgrades, possibly more “basement”/dark side moments… and yes, bliss moments, too.  Every now and then I share that I…

feel that this blog/my role has already served.  I get to a place of such peace and smile.  I was reflecting on the Gene Keys by Richard Rudd and this is mentioned often.  There really is no need to do as everything is unfolding beautifully.  I’ve long held this believe, too.  Yet for me the pattern thus far has been, just as I share this, a new wave of energy and passion springs forth and I can’t help myself.  Oh we truly live and love this journey and it just flows.

So others may also be feeling this yet, in various ways.  A new wave of possibilities/opportunities/unions/experiences will be unfolding.  We’ve been anchoring in the latest in light and love… and our mind might not be able to fathom yet.

This is a time of no more secrets, no more obligations, and seeing where there are missing pieces.  One may or may not yet see the piece/peace that fills in the puzzle… yet trust that you know what is should look like.

If one’s been pushing to hard, burnout/depression/being frazzled will happen.  We do underestimate what our mind, heart and body have gone through.  Breathe, rest, regroup… one will reboot.

Some revelations may have also surfaced during this time.  Action may or may not be needed.  Spirit’s been reminding to allow the natural flow of life to happen.  I’ve even found these reminders interesting as there was a time on constant elevating/alchemizing anything that crossed our path.  To now make peace… and trust in the natural rhythm and cycle… wow… ❤

This has been a time of soul expansion and it may have felt intense.  I’ve had several moments of my heel throbbing which has been a sign for me of “healing”.  Yup… it happens as needed.  It may be personal or collective, doesn’t matter as we are one.

So… short and sweet and, enough for now.  I love you!


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