Paint the fence

Paint the fence.

Wax on, wax off.

Sand the floor. 

Yup.  Good analogy and may be fitting for August.  We have been in training for a while now.  Yet we are also the sensei and the young grasshopper here on Earth.

Now or soon will be a time of it all coming together in a new way.  What we have been working on and how it will now morph… and present in a higher form.  One may though need to look at things differently.  And remind self to have an open heart and relaxed mind.  Roll those shoulder blades back, stand tall and smile.  Oh how I love your smile, gets me every time!  😊

Some things may come up this month that one will need to take a rain check/stand down/ allow/let them play out.  Not much is personal yet it may become personal if it is serving one.  In time one will see/know verses when one acts/responds to quickly and then later second guesses.  Truth always surfaces.

And one may have that a-ha moment where they realize what all the work was for.  To get to this beautiful and amazing now moment.

It can be a time of great creation… ease and grace… wisdom/maturity… play/child-like wonder… or a mix of all.

Take what has been given… use it to it’s maximum/real potential… and do what brings you joy.  Oh it is time to make the world an even lighter/brighter place.   ❤

Until then…


Paint the fence.


Wax on, wax off.


Sand the floor. 




(All pics found on Google images)


P.S.  Create your reality… one may find that fences/veils then fall/fade/change forms.


8 comments on “Paint the fence

  1. Beautiful images. We’re taking August off, still hoping to find a medicine that alleviates my son’s panic attacks around school and a few other things. Seeing more things through new eyes, going through the “dance” of integration as my head and body rewire.

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