Rainbow Body

Okay… just wanted to check-in on the energy… and the energy meets/in the body.  For almost two weeks now I’ve personally been feeling… in process.  Many of us have had these periods before.  While upgrades can happen in a “moment”/rest/meditation, they can also take weeks.  I think the longest one I’ve felt has been 6 weeks.  Yes, you can live yet you know so much more is going on… underneath.  Your mind might not know all the details – the pattern for me is I get a few hints/whispers/words and then as it concludes – voilà – a message/explanation comes.

I remember years ago just being in awe and grateful that my soul was back in my body – yes, we can push it out/get disconnected.  Then it was like a kaleidoscope of seeing/examining aspects, coming undone and then coming back.  I’d never planned to “ascend” and didn’t even know what this was years ago.  To ascend, descend (again and again)… then to embody (again and again).  This blog holds a few posts of those… what is this…??  moments as I’ve stumbled into.  For many, this is a walk of faith… into the unknown to remember the mystery and majesty.  And years later, the journey continues.  Patience… o.m.g.  … yes, yet it’s also happening amazing quickly here and now.

So one may feel different physically… mentally in another space… some emotional ups and downs.  The dream portal has been open, too.  It does seem there are times of more activity.  And… we all have lives.  Some are amazingly able to do this process and continue to work/be out in the world.  Some need time/space/have made other arrangements as the process can be all consuming.  No worries as there is no wrong way to have your spiritual journey.

I’ll share that years ago I started to meditate once a day.  If I could tell you where I started and am now – wow.  And life can become a meditation where one is present and respecting each moment.  Sure we go human/get stressed/too busy at times yet, less and less and, again – no worries.  I used to not understand why meditating in the morning was needed.  Like wasn’t that what sleep was for…?  Yet as I shifted my mid-day meditation to morning, I’d find that it aligned me to the vibe I needed – often higher than what I was feeling.  Then I started meditating in the evening, too.  It can be simple like siting in a quiet room or nature for 20 minutes.  I don’t always get messages… often it’s just a feeling and that is enough.

So yesterday my body was feeling several rounds of energy moving and shifting.  Sleep has been lighter yet also an energy very present/moving us forward during the day.  I paused outside in the afternoon twice.  Both very interesting experiences.  In the later, a cloud caught my eye.  I chuckled as it had a person aura/silhouette.  Then I had to do a double take.  I could see a rainbow in the cloud.  Would a camera capture or, was this just for my joy…?  Well, both.  By the time I grabbed my camera not so much a human silhouette anymore… yet the rainbow shimmer was still just a bit present.

I will share Richard Rudd’s ( Gene Keys -a prior post ) explanation of the rainbow body (his site)… and one can also google as there are many other references/beliefs about a Rainbow Body  (Tibetan/Buddha/etc.).  I will say… one can keep it simple – it is possible… this is us and now.

Stay the course my loves and lights – a whole new level is unfolding.    ❤   While much has been written and to be honored… this may also be a topic that many will expand upon/relate to the here and now.  There is a rainbow bridge and, a time to bring the rainbow body back over that bridge.  If one finds themselves in this energy, see what it means and feels to you… and then if you feel inclined, share that.



P.S.  Some may feel this time as a defragging… yup, like a computer.  Corrupt files also being removed.  Hold on, one will run better shortly.   Spirit was in a joking mood and said cookies would remain…


P.S.S.  Feelin another big energy wave incoming (tying into lion’s gate).  Heads up, surf’s up – we got this!

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