Moving along


Okay forerunners/wayshowers and etc. … we continue to pull up as many as we can into this gate/now.  So one may have another day of feelin it.  We often do days/weeks in advance and then the relief as it ripples and plays out.  So yes, it may feel joyful/on point (as many remind and share) or as if one is out of it and lugging a sack of potatoes, lol.  Oh so many roles and ways to be in service.  Interesting to have the 8/8 gate and then…

a new moon and a partial solar eclipse just a few days later (8/11).  As if an energy blast or a-ha!! … and then … one is left to their own discernment or feeling a pause.  Yet… a Perseids Meteor Shower on the 12th – yes, much is shifting quickly now and… all cycles work themselves out – a full moon on 8/26.  Clarity.  Oh an energetic month indeed.  So… how are we doing loves and lights…?? as we bring in this next shift.

I will say if one can witness a meteor shower, it is special.  Sometimes I get lucky here… and sometimes not.  It does feel like wishes and gifts are raining down.  This would be always yet we can forget.  Clear skies and out of the city/in nature/late at night to see.   Oh even in darkness, there is light, joy and surprise.

I feel as if we’ve passed a critical time in our development and journey.  While this may resonate on a certain level, the mind might not understand just yet.  So much is to transpire and unfold.  This journey is to happen slow/naturally as to fall in love with every aspect of life again. 

As much is shifting, this can be a time of misunderstandings.  One may see to just let go/move along.  Hold the light… think and align to higher/positive thoughts.  Pause as needed/hold space… care for self/all… and be silly/fun/laugh at self.  Remain open to a special moments, too, with the Universe/self/others during this time.  Oh are we moving along… and the places we will go!  ❤


P.S.  For those who feel the inner body changes, I’ve been feelin more chi/life force/heat running for the past few days – awakening and burning through…  😊  And humidity!!  Oh my – does seem to slow us way down yet this is for a reason.


6 p.m. UPdate.  The energy has gone all happy and high, 8/8 cosmic party has started.  One may need to rest, ground… and/or enjoy!!

8/8 Update:  Electron flux going steady and this can be a bit challenging on the body.  Relax/self-care/receive.  The energy I am feeling today is calm/easy/neutral yet trust that it could be anything as we each play our part.

15 comments on “Moving along

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    • Delores! The world needs to know that I’ve had to pleasure to get to know you – graced with your presence!! OMG, I love you!! Everyone, meet Delores! 😊
      Thank you for the share – at this point (and for a while now) I just keep writing and not as much keeping up/reading and supporting. This is part of our mission though as we are to find each other and raise all up. We are better together. So know that I think of you often and love your energy, blog, fb and you!! ❤ and BIG hUg

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  2. Woohoo, right!? Today, headache/irritability…
    Going to put on some music, and find lots to laugh about, including SELF!!
    Love, Light, and Onward we go!! ❤️Ya!!

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      • I’m having a grateful moment, so thought I would share.
        The Universe/My Soul, knew exactly what it was doing/nudging me to do on 2/22 of this year, that ultimately led me to make a very rash and quick decision to retire!! Great day Molly, I could not be ‘doing’ this work, and still working too!! So grateful also that we were financially in a place so that I could, otherwise, I may have found myself in the “PO HOUSE”…teehee!! Interesting though, at the time that I was pushed, and shoved, lol, I didn’t have a clue as to how it could work, yet it did!! It truly is amazing how Spirit carries us, especially when we listen, and believe you me, I was NOT listening at first, and had to get to a very dark/tired place. 💖💫

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        • Annette!! Thank you for sharing this. And I so get this, too. Both the gratitude and that the WAY is provided. I had a huge shove/wake up call almost 7 years ago that blindsided me/no clue then… and even a few more after that. For the most part, the past few yrs. the nudges have been much gentler. Oh it is so wonderful to share this time/journey with you! ❤

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