Decibel of light…?


First an energy update as it continues and changes often.  8/11 seems to be the next/now with the new moon and particle (ha) partial solar eclipse – then the three eclipse’s in the past 30 days will be complete.  I even paused as I was surprised what I needed to elevate with this third (symbolic) shadow.   As we do this, our body is also feeling/receiving intense waves/pulses of energy.  It’s not that one is to keep up with the energy, just to allow your experience.  I could remind that simple may be best/more.

Electron flux’s have been happening/continue, too, and one may feel a variety of symptoms/sensations.

One of the signs has been empty cups, lids, etc.  I had this symbolism some time ago and often laughed out loud as I was reminded – others making sure my lid/crown was on tight, or an empty vessel, etc.  And dreams have gone from filtering the bizarre and negative/old to some awesome new symbolism.  Lucid dream activity may also be easy now – oh they feel sooo real!  One may see stars/galaxies/wormholes/create – enter a stargate in meditation/sleep.  Welcome to a glimpse of the future.  They often hold a symbolic item, too.

So… I decided to share this post even thought I don’t have it quite right… yet.  It’s one of many joys of blogging.  Really just a post capturing a moment.  It doesn’t have to be truth.  It’s a step and nice to have as a reference.

So a week ago, the words came in clear:  Decibel of light.  Yet Spirit… don’t you mean decibel of sound…?  I do love and how fitting.  Mixing a frequency of light and sound.  And this seems to be an upgrade avaialble and in time, a portal.

I needed to do some homework on this one.  If you follow along here you know I get these homework assignments a few times a year (and a few bog post examples below).  Yet, I also often let go and particullary now with all that’s going on.  For me it’s to balance, be and just start the bridge.  So for now I will just share a few notes with help from the internet:

Sound waves, being longitudinal, are slower than light waves.  They don’t travel through a vacuum/space. They travel faster through denser mediums/solids. 

Light waves travel faster through less dense mediums/gases.

Pictures/visuals can help, too.


And, these two sites may assist/notes for later:  year-8-science/waves-core  and  basics of acoustics.

I will say that any post I’ve had as a ??  when I glanced back later, the question mark gets dropped.  Moving along now.    (( ❤  ))



Some past homework moments:  2018/01/30/personal-vortexes-waves-and-high-energy  and   2017/03/30/sound-light-hz-homework  and  string theory.

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