Is a LIGHT body… real?

2020 Spiritual Vision


I’m not sure when I first heard the term, lightbody.  I am sure it was years after I aligned to the lightworker word.  I’d bet I read it several times before it even caught my eye and then caused my mind to pause… and start wondering.  I’m sure I thought, these are just words, one is being symbolic… right?  Well… years later a lot has changed for me. 

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3 comments on “Is a LIGHT body… real?

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  2. It’s been a fascinating journey, my perception of my light body. As I commented on the original post, I’ve seen my own light blasting out from within, during healing sessions. And lately, I think of this light body as the life source bio photonic energy field that essentially holds our physical body. It’s not only light and energy, but pure love and information. It enlivens us and is our core truth. As I’ve connected with my body and healed energetic blocks, allowing light to flow again, health issues have gone away. Same with mental/emotional issues. Great post today, reminding me that I’m more than this physical human being. Thanks.

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    • And thank YOU… and this (your wise words) also ties into a future post I am working on – maybe next week. YOU are amazing to me – how you’ve done the work for years now, too. ❤ (I need to catch up on your amazing blog – sorry)

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