Oh an interesting date and set of numbers if you like numerology.  Zero = Zero so, 812 218.   😉  Like a balancing of 11/11 energy.  So this will be short and sweet lights and loves as life is happening and upgrades, too, that need to be honored.  So just a few quick things to share.

Over the years many of us have had glimpse and moments of 5D.  Yet then I realized many of us are firmly planted in 5D, here and now.  We hold this energy… we observe much, too.  It’s kinda like the angels in Heaven.  We might have a reaction yet don’t always intervene… unless called/absolutely necessary.  We allow life to play out.

Emotions do seem to be running high… yet for many, see the higher plan.  Now may be a time to get a handle on any little thing that bug one.  And, to be honest/transparent as needed – we have nothing to hide or loose.

This is a time to know that seeds have been planted.  And, to possibly do something… anything… unexpected.  This can definitely change one’s vibe and possibly, plan.

Some may feel what I’d refer to an a 5th element moment.  The balance of fire/passion,  water/emotions/flow,  air/spirit/flexibility,  earth/grounded/beauty/sustaining/natural and  one‘s soul as a mix of all of it.  And the movie, Fifth Element (1997) may also hold additional meaning/reminders, too.

I was thinking on sci-fi movies I saw as a child and how they now held clues.  I am of the Star Wars/Princess Lea generation… and ET.  Interesting though as I pondered on ET.  I remembered his glowing heart… and the scene where ET was held in isolation – that seemed to stick with me.  Like, no!  ET needs to get home.  And, he did.  Yet he certainly wasn’t understood by many.  So interesting to then ponder on how I ended up having a medical social work career where one often tailor makes care plans for individuals to get them home/safe/well again.  And to now also, as we all advance on our spiritual journey.  To get us out of isolation and back into the mainstream.

Writing, as I can, other posts yet they may be well into next week.  Many of us are feeling a plasma (although many other words could be used here) upgrade/body/much.  One may need some additional rest/to go slow/take moment by moment.

The Perseid Meteor Shower is this evening – make a wish!  One can also watch here:  www.space.com/night-sky-planets-asteroids-webcasts

((  ❤  ))

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