Our amazing physical vessel


Our human body holds many secrets and symbolism.  No thing is by chance.  It is sacred geometry, numerology… and a sacred site. 😉  If you read nothing else, ponder or mediate on this and be shown.  I remember reading some time ago about a seven year spiritual process.  The words came and went.  Yet, I came back to this 11 months ago as I learned in seven years, every cell in our body regenerates.  Then Spirit was walking me through how every cell, organ, system (nervous, endocrine, lymphatic, muscular, reproductive, etc.), bone, hormone, etc. is touched and affected by this process. 

Several years ago I’d never imagine the process many of us have been in.  Oh this journey can become more than one ever thought.  For me it’s been the past several years yet for others, decades.  And, not all will experience in this way at this time.

So I did wonder when my seven years started (and would end), lol, as some of the body work transformation can be intense/altering/slow one way down (and this is for a reason).  And while it may be neat and clean cut for some… this process may be more complex/longer than the seven years; one may have several seven year cycles – an ongoing process that can take a lifetime/lifetimes.  Really we don’t get caught up in time – we do though allow it to serve us.  I will also say, it does get easier – the first conscious pass though may start as, what the…??  and turn into whoo/wowziers.  Yet understanding and peace can also be found.

So I will share… yet also say, I might not have all of this right… as this is, cutting edge.  Yet not necessarily new as there have been many forerunners in this area.  It is taking our body into quantum physics and medicine.  I do feel this will one day be understood in a scientific way and able to be shown/measured… that it will be normal… and, replace (or simply there will be no need for) our medical and mental health systems.  Yes, this may take several lifetimes.  Yet also a phase that is growing now – more understanding/support/care for those as they go through this/a natural process.

So lets take a step back for a moment.  Many of us have been spiritual for a while (knowing/believing/connecting-using-sharing our gifts).  We came into this world this way yet may take a detour (yet not) and, forgot much.  Many of us had a 3D life, then awakened… and in time started ascending/embodying/etc.  Stages of seeking, connecting, practicing, serving, being.  For many of us… more remembrance comes.

Possible ways may have included, we worked with our chakra’s, then our column of light, the Merkabah and torus energy.  We survived our dark nights, released fears, elevated our victim mentality (that one might not have even known was in their cellular memory)… and, how many phoenix or hero’s journeys can one have in a life…?  Yes, please laugh as we do need to keep this light.  All of this does serve a purpose.  And for many, at some point the body starts to respond differently and at first, it can be strange – alarming.

Once one becomes connected to their/the natural rhyme… and can I say that it may take years to get one back to this state of being… our cells start pulling in/responding to photonic light.  Our body and dna is a conductor of electricity and sensitive and in tune to electromagnetic waves.  And we know about waves!  It’s why we felt the highs and lows – again and again; Ascend/descend.  They prepare us and serve.

Our environment, thoughts, choices, etc. also affect if and how this process unfolds.  It’s why the body purges/clears again and again – in order to make way for the light to enter and do what it needs to do, naturally.  So many words could be used:  a light body… a plasma or rainbow body.  It’s like if one is happy in 3D, this isn’t even needed.

I’ve tagged 12 past posts as for me this has been a process indeed… and just now starting to add up some of the clues given in the past.  While I am able to feel/channel/receive messages which is an amazing gift, this has been one of many side projects/themes.  The Universe knows I like a challenge, lol, so what fun would it be to just understand like that.  Too easy – so I gather together now as the shorter messages and many steps over years have come.  I do remember asking years ago to be a bit more psychic… haha, I still am not.  And what fun would that be as much of this is to be a surprise and in awe and wonder.

The physical body part has been a surprise to me these past several years, as I’ve lived it, and not taught in any medical school that I know of.  Our body is changing based on our needs/plan and New Earth… yet, one may not realize/welcome this.  This is a cosmic realignment, tune up… and evolution.

In the past (often as I’ve stumbled into), I’ve written on insomnia, being hot/cold, spine upgradesorgans, plasma and sacred geometry.  All just pieces of a very complex subject matter that is (happening in) one.

Many experience a kundalini/chi/life force that awakens at the base of the spine.  It may or may not be about sexual energy/twin flames.  Coiled snakes can be a sign and ha, our medical system sign.  Visions/messages/dreams may start like never before.  And, the physical sensations can run the spectrum!  Heat, inflammation, aching/pain as our tissues/body release.  One may find they need to do less, rest and wonder if something is wrong with them.  One may feel heavy/slower and just when you thought this was all about being light.  Well… you are and it is. 

We are slowly going from carbon based to crystalline silicone and awakening/using all of our dna – no junk!  And going from two strand to three (yet I will be honest, I don’t know how to explain this part yet).

And a few additional words on a plasma body.  A wise friend shared with me that 99% of the galaxy is plasma – wow!  As above, so below.  And this wiki post may offer additional clues.  Often I see or feel a certain type of plasma clouds in the sky or am reminded in meditation.  One’s body may feel like the ocean in meditation.

Plasma comes from the sun/prominence/coronal cloud and is made up of protons and electrons.  Protons in the human body play a significant role because the tendency for an atom to either lose, gain or share electrons is dependent upon the charge of the nucleus; the chemical reactivity of an atom is dependent upon the number of electrons and protons. This ties into solar wind and the charts I often mention:  planetary K, electron flux’s, gamma, even star bursts, Schumann resonances and sound, light and Hz.  Maybe even… HUman Photosynthesis.  We are changing matter here, literally.

This process also works in detail on our mind – creating new and advanced pathways, and one may even experience a natural dmt release.  Heart – opening, expanding, flowing and, gut – oh to digest, absorb and relay feelings and vibrations to our body.

We have many bodies yet one physical body/vessel.  In our aura/electromagnetic field, there are layers:  astral, emotional, mental, casual, etheric, universal, etc. – word choice may vary yet, you get it.

And this picture (below) is close to a vision/process I was understanding.  Labyrinth like.  As one moves out of a healing/process/upgrade/shift/experience… we move into yet another.  And as one comes to an end of a cycle/process, it may feel awesome… or like a collapse/death.  Yet trust that then, a rebirth.  This follows Mother Nature – look at plants, animals and seasons.


There is a ripple affect/effect, too, so trust that what is done now affects the whole.

I’ll also share that when my journey started, I remember reading often on purity… and fasting.  That purity was needed and fasting would help.  Fasting may assist, yes… yet this may also be a belief.  Trust your body – just listen.  At times our bodies will crave for a reason salt, etc.  Water though does seem to be important.  Our organs need it – to stay fluid/flowing.  And… we are pure, right here and now.  Even smokers, drinkers and junk food eaters, etc. are spiritual beings and have amazing spiritual experiences just as pure as anyone else.  Rest and nourishment needs will though significantly change in this journey.

Our vibration… and joy is very important.  And honoring this amazing and sacred process.  To unblock dis ease… any stagnant energy.  Like, why do many of us carry the gene or possibility to get this or that… yet some do and some don’t?  While it may be chosen, random… if one’s body/vibe is out of alignment, much can go awry.  We clear our/the field, again and again.  So old wounds may surface.  These can be past-life like or this life – mental, emotional or literally physical.

Ahhh  (a breath).  Also so important.  Okay… one last note.  Some time ago I started feeling energy move in the body.  Like an energy burp/bubble, shift in the heart or chest area… and more recently larger movements.  A comparison, being 8 months pregnant and the baby kicks.  It’s different/more than just our normal lightbody energy/meridians.  For me in the past it’s signified a change or that something was getting ready to happen in my reality – usually the bigger wow/reveal moments.  Energy precedes and the soul reminds.  They last just a few seconds yet can cause one to pause.  And often the ones that feel like a heart firework are then confirmed by a starburst.  We can be this connected to all.  And, there are times one needs to be still.  Completely relaxed, get flat, muscles relaxed – like zero gravity.

While there are also several other topics that spin off and weave into this… this is more than enough for now.  The process, understanding and adventure continues.  Thanks for reading and much LOVE!

(( ❤ ))

16 comments on “Our amazing physical vessel

  1. I second what Kristine said!! As you teach me SO much too!! I will save this and read again, very interesting to say the least!! Thank you my dear Molly!! (((❤️)))

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    • Right now is a tough physical or emotional body time for some, yet all… as we are growing into our new. It will be worth it. I love you Annette and thank you for being my soul sister, friend and constant support to me and many! You make this world an amazing place to be. ❤

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