Short and sweet loves and lights… this may be a time to just… coast.


One may feel much going on… or possibly not enough.  As always, from a broader perspective much is happening.  Please know that one is placed exactly where they need to be.  That experiences are happening as thy should.

I received a random message via a song…  I don’t belong here – Creep by Radiohead.  I smiled… as I believe we do.  Often though we are placed in dense places.  This is for many reasons.  Both for personal and collective/Universal reasons.  One will have a choice.  To conform, wither… or… come alive.  Yes, the 3rd (eye) choice is what I wish to remind.  Again, this is a time of growth.

New Moon time… and particularly after 3 eclipses is a time to feel, realize and accept any issues.  Answers may not be obvious now … yet trust that they will come.  Often a full moon will bring much to light.  If it’s in your path, it’s there for a reason and part of your journey.

In closing, I will share this short message/reminder.  We are building a new world… around us.  It is 5+D/New Earth.  First though we need to become 5D … which simply is… LOVE.  Yet… we’ve always been.

(((  ❤  )))

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