Honoring the… paUSe


While not all, many are yet again at a pause.  So I will share from a few different levels.  Often in this journey, it is busy and intense enough… and then a leveling out.  This may be a sign that one has done their work/part.  For now/the moment, lol.  It may be very welcomed.  A time to take a breathe, regroup, catch up… and even play!  Yet at times if one has gotten used to the pretty much non-stop energy/steps/Spirit stimuli… it can feel awkward… or like, what the…??  what’s next and when – let’s just keep rolling!

So this is just a friendly reminder that may or may not resonate… depending upon where one is on the journey.  No thing is wrong.  All is well.  We just don’t fly faster than our angels (who are doing their part)… or quicker than the grander design.

While the journey can be an individual one, this is also about us… and a much larger design.  So, we wait for the group.  Often we travel in waves/pods/”spacecrafts” – energy bands.  While this process is happening quickly, it is also a well paced journey.  Leave no lightworker/another behind.  So if you finished/are ready early – yippee.  Do what you love.  What imagination/creation can this stir up.  Or look around… reach out, pull another up.  Many are in the thick of it right now – emotionally, reality work, etc.  !!!  DNA changes/upgrades continue, too, and one may need sleep and provide much self-care.  We have a mild geo-storm/solar wind and electron flux that has been hitting us most days/nights (depending upon where one is) for a week now.

One may be invited to discern on patience, making peace with any issue… or learning how to have fun when Spirit is quite.  This is your mastery and free will.  And… Mercury comes out of retrograde in a few days.  This may… yet doesn’t have to affect one.

If one is in a tough situation – bad/”bad” things happen to lightworkers, too.  No one is exempt.  Time or choices may be needed.  A deep surrender may be needed.  DEEP.  One may also work with the worse case scenario in their mind/meditation – to feel and grieve/heave/shed.  Often this alone can bring truth, acceptance and resolve.  While one may need to hit rock bottom again, there may be another way once one had shed this energy pattern.  Rock bottom though can be a stable foundation and oh the possibilities.  It may be that we just aren’t seeing what the Universe has in store for us.  As if a veil/amnesia as to the next shift and why.  While one might be stubborn, Spirit doesn’t wish us to suffer.  Shift your vibe as the new moon is waxing into a full moon now.

I remember (in 2015 for me) when more detailed messages started on the multiverse.  I wasn’t expecting this.  And over time, it would take me into a deeper appreciation and ways of being… in service.  There is no wrong way to do this journey.  Many do just for self, many just for others… and for many, both.  Some to end pain… answer questions… or determined to escape the matrix, ascend to New Earth, bring forth an incredible invention/knowledge or, be awarded their divine birthright – which could be many things and not what one thinks.  It’s also an interesting and changing mix as one is becoming more conscious each amazing new day.  Oh in the pause much can be discovered/found.  As one opens their heart, more will come.

(((  ❤  )))


P.S.  I almost reblogged this one yet will share here:  Push or… pause?  as it may also assist.

P.S.S.  Many have had what could be called a hero’s journey’s.  As I paused, hero now seem to also possibly = a bit of ego.  Ah and perfect.  If you follow along here you know that we don’t bash ego, time… many things that we were told to get rid of in the journey.  We love and use as they are gifts and serve.  How else are we going to do and grow through this journey.  This journey is about strife, victory… peace, bliss, love… and making whole sooo many aspects.  At times we do have much to prove to self.  Oh we are ascending much more than we realize at this time.

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