Some assembly required


This will be short and sweet loves and lights; just a quick checking-in.  How is everyone doing?  Dreams, dreams and more dreams…??  One may or may not have much recall.  And the body may also be feeling much.  From head to toe.

The energy is flowing again.  The mild geostorm/solar wind and electron flux continues = an increased opportunity for light to wrap around any cell/body part.  There have also been these moments/energy of an increased excitement/joy – oh I can’t wait to see how this comes into form.

I chuckled as I went to put together a small fan I bought.  I guess I expected it to be, assembled.  And I didn’t read the instructions figuring I could handle this.  HA!  While the fan got assembled, I did also need to refer to the instructions as this fan had a unique way and parts I didn’t expect.  Oh how I love symbolism.

I remember years ago when Spirit was walking me through different ways the Universe does answer our questions.  One day I had a particular question and heard the whisper in the morning, you will see the answer.  By the end of the day, I felt I hadn’t… and then Spirt reminded of the numerous signs that were provided.  Oh often we are to walk a bit slower and calmer to see.  And, vibration = vibration.

So enjoy now.  We allow our body and the larger body to assemble.  In unity.


The Fall (yet this may be the Spring in other parts of the world) is right around the corner and makes a great time to be in fellowship.  Let’s assemble.

(((  ❤  )))


P.S.  Sometimes color is a clue and one can ponder or discern in meditation or on google, lol.  This week has been very golden.  The sun and now watching amber dragonflies glisten and flutter by.


6 comments on “Some assembly required

  1. Energy is Peaceful and Calm, and WELCOMED!!! (((❤️)))
    Was able to hike with dogs a bit farther today, and vacuum/mop my home….woohoo, this is BIG, as I’ve been ‘lost in space’ for, what feels like 3 weeks!!
    Love and Big Hugs Sweet Soul Sista! 😘✨

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    • I get this… been there!! I had a year where anything I did seemed like it took so much effort, like I was carrying around an extra 50+ pounds. And as our mind changes/upgrades – wowziers! Love you soul sistar! ❤

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