trinity infinity


8/18/18, ohh I seem to be feeling this date as a series of 8/∞ energy.  Many of us need and are encouraging time/space now during this passageway.  Slow, simple, less is more, time to self, self-care, silence, meditation and… whatever brings one joy.  This is a natural process though so what is meant to happen/be… will.  It’s not that one needs to do something more/different/special… just continue to honor the process.  Many of us have been practicing this for some time now. 

So one may be UP… yet then down/needing rest immediately/out of nowhere.  And then, repeat.  The energy has been gently building and changing rather quickly.  Many are feeling and the spectrum is, wide.  As I went to take a quick pulse, the sharing’s of deep sorrow/shock/anger/this just happened… and then the other extreme, galactic like knowing and energy.  Wow. 

Now… which has actually been well in process for weeks… (and years) is tying the Lion’s gate, eclipses and the future.  And, our body… connecting the higher mind, heart and gut in unison… and for many of us, the gut elevation has been newer.  We’re also forerunning and receiving upgrades that will serve us well here and now and… well into the future.

The body sensations may be a bit different than the past – they seem almost quadrant like.  One may notice on a side/section.  And if one is feeling like a spinning top, get flat/ground/rest.  Poles are reversing, timelines are dropping, an a new is incoming/awakening.

This energy will be running till the full moon – 8/26.  And clarion calls will be happening.  It may come in a dream… message… knowing.  It may be something small yet the shift/piece-peace that will make all the difference… or, it may open up a whole new world.  New ways of being in service, too.   😊


One heart.  ❤  One Love.


P.S.  Symbolism, as always, has been interesting.  Everything from white moths to hawks to a large grasshopper landing on the windshield to three treefrogs on the door as I came home one evening.  It is very clear we are in flight and leaping ahead.


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  1. The energies are normal-ish again. Meaning I am not tired and can enjoy life. I got level one reiki training. Soon after I woke up to my arm asleep which is not normal and I asked my guides about it. They said they needed to slow my blood for a bit to do energetic surgery. Also after my reiki atonement a scar that randomly appeared many years ago that I have no memory of getting got sore. It is a bit better now. That scar is linked to a timeline jump when I was 12-ish. In the other timeline a serial killer attacked our house while my parents were out. Which would mean in a way I am died, but the traumatic memories were erased and the scary jumbled memories leading to the patch remain. I have a point in the memory where the erased timeline and the patched one overlap. Anyway, the spirit world had a scar from the traumatic death re-appear a little over 10 years ago because it wants me to be aware of that timeline shift. I don’t think I am meant to remember the death, because many other people have had timeline patches at points they dead and returned to the same body in a slightly shifted one where they didn’t die. Sometimes I wonder if my family lived the timeline where I was killed at 12. What happens to the timelines we die in?

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    • Thank you for sharing all of this! This is a topic in itself! Are our old timelines just archived (like an old movie) or moved along…? Death could be viewed as just an experience, a miracle… a birth. Glad you are enjoying life! LOVE!!

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