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I was prompted to revisit a post, Retired Lightworker.  I wrote it two years ago and remember the post.  I was a bit confused then as I’d so aligned to that word and work.  Like what did this mean as I was happy being a lightworker… yet, I trusted the process.  Other words would also come (and go).  I will humbly say as each was a surprise and gift, Channel, Ascended Master, Guardian, Gatekeeper, etc.  They are words and ways to assist in finding each other.  And, roles/aspects that we grow into.  They serve.  We serve.  And then often we release/shed/offer up.  In this…

it may feel like an end/death/stripping away.  It can be confusing for the one in it and, many may now be feeling this type of transition.  I could chuckle and say, oh there will be many.

It does get easier.  And, to be able to transition in ease and grace.  What is meant to stay/be, will.  What comes next may be needed more than one would think.  And to honor the pause as the tracks are switched.  I’d have no idea how much my soul wished for me to grow into new/other roles and how it becomes a beautiful mosaic.  And while the journey has held many surprises for me, I guess I’ve long known that I am to make this/much, simple and normal, too.  And, to be fully restored to a life (no labels) here and now.

So words can be empowering, stages, roles, teach/remind us of much and… even tie into ego/identity.  Interesting though as recently I received a reminder message on truth between the words.  One’s truth is not necessarily stated in words yet the space between.  In the space (   ) on the paper/ space (cosmos/void).  How when one reads in a relaxed state and can pick up on the/their messages in-between… what is being stated loosely.  In a way, another way of saying, light encoded.

On a different note, one may feel a cosmic party wave of energy come.  I often notice who else is feeling online – all happy/high… and it can also be felt in meditation/life.  Yet often enough, it then gets very quiet.  I was laughing to self… gheez, a bunch of lightweights!  Many of us get high on energy and then need to rest/integrate.  One day we’ll be able to handle the consistent light juice/flow/source.

One may feel again that we’ve done the work and we’re at a new place/vibration.  That now is a good time to take a breathe, pause, review, smile, ponder… and be open to a new direction, too.  One though may feel much stirring as it has been an energetic time.  When this happens to for me, I tend to step back, ground, make things simple and either, let go or discern.  While we open vortex’s, we don’t need to be a walking vortex.  😉

One may feel what is fluid.  Last week several reminders that certain places/habits/situation may shift.

So this may be a good time to fully ground/turn inward.  One may now see a new gem or… what they previously overlooked.  At times on this journey it does get a bit consuming.  One might not have to look far as home and hearth may need one’s attention/energy.

This has also been a time of elevating (childhood) fantasies – this theme has been running for the past month or two … as often they were actually prompted (tv, movies, books, stories) and yes, we have it in our dna, too, from many, many lifetimes.  [and this ties into a possible future post, too]  Fantasies are good! … yet might not now match your plan here.  Check-in with self to know.  See what’s the right fantasy/fun/reality mix.

For many this has been a busy mental/left brain time:  reading, writing, talking, thinking, dreaming – all good things.  Yet we also need to relax and balance.  So while there is much work/service in this journey… we are to play!  Lightworkers, well, we can be… and be lightplayers.   We know this and have moments, yet much more is coming/possible.  So… (chuckle) let’s see how this all plays out.   ❤



If one is interested, the retired lightworkers posts (start here) are wordy and I remember wishing they were shorter.  Yet it’s a process and captures the process – read for the love of reading.  As I re-read them, I was surprised to feel light codes, hmm – maybe for me, lol.  Often a light encoded post/message can make one tired yet awakens… changes thinking, opens pathways…   Often it will be so subtle one may not even notice.  The reminder(s) can trigger or… sink in and often it may take a few days yet, change/voila/sync.  Your truth steps forward; becomes conscious.

I could also see and better understand now, being two years later; the larger process that was/is happening.  Then in ways a newbie/stumbling into the next, in the thick of doing some huge healing/clearing work along side collective work, very present and honest – reporting the step-by-step (and in ways this, too, continues); really just one of many moments as we continue on this amazing journey.

Interesting though… there are parts of a spiritual journey that even need to be ascended.

And as I was driving (can I just say how many moments I’ve had in a vehicle), I was also reminded of braided souls… that this type of transition is also happening for many.  Simply and just a perspective, a braided soul one may have/carry and can assist one through a difficult phase in your life.

Okay, enough words… yet also lots of  space  in  between.    ❤

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  1. I read the soul braid post and of course am still curious. But you DID say you like it when I ask questions:). Can you explain them again? I’m not sure I’m grasping it and it sounds fascinating.

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    • Kristine… I don’t like, I love your questions!! And I guess I need to preface I wouldn’t have believed years ago. I had to experience/feel and then inquire. To be honest I forgot about but like many things, Spirit reminds when it may need to be shared again as it may assist another. I’d have no idea (until the end) that I had this additional support in my body/energy. It was right after my twin flame and I was still very much in 3D, then through my awakening, darkest dark “night”, etc. One would think a soul would be enough yet what if a soul is newer to this awakening process and does need a bit of help and like that close, “in house” lol. Some experience walk-in-out experiences yet this was different. I remember the handful of very strange days yet if one is busy, they will be dismissed/denied, etc. A “braided” soul can keep you safe/here/only kicks in-acts if absolutely necessary. Like those times when we’re out of our head and somehow we drive/arrive safe. It can be our autopilot… reminder of hope/the plan. Not all will experience (or need to know/acknowledge) yet what if this life and experience is more than we could ever imagine…? ❤


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