Depth… and the larger process


A few weeks ago I received a message that many forerunners were at an outermost cusp and to take a pause.  Interesting as we’ve been clicking along for a while now (what feels like years).  This did interest me as I felt the pause may be for weeks and had recently wrote on honoring pauses.  So while some may be ready for the galactic/ascending next… this is about all.  Oh evolution has been fast and well paced.  Just in the last few months-year, we’ve passed through numerous energetic events and then even the 8/26 full moon/geo-storm/solar wind – for many it was like a, bam!  So while some can now pass quickly through and with ease/grace/Mastery, remember what it was like years ago?  Not so much and it did take the gift of time.

To experience/process/work through.  And while this (forerunner) message is really now a thing of the past, based on a vibration/plan and just a perspective – as some forerunners have indeed been dialed into the/their next – I did observe many appear to go quiet (really just being in other ways) or circle back around (to assist others).  And oh the variety of what’s being shared:  Emotional-healing work, feeling the physical upgrades, working through a reality, with/in their family/community, in a period of reminiscing, discernment, tidying-up, sharing their wisdom and/or, launching a new creation.  Oh trust that Spirit/us always has something to offer – even in the “pauses”.  Lol, really they are not.

It can also make a great time to focus on one’s life and happiness – just saying.

Now though we do seem to be forerunning again as much has been shaken and stirred.  Dreams have been giving clues as to what may unfold in future weeks.  And, we’ve been working on something for some time now.  As the smaller processes have been running, also a larger/grander one.  When it syncs up (many of us have felt these moments over the years), it is like a magical voilà.  I smile as a new layer of voilà may soon present/just be.

This may be a time of depth work (verses expanding).  Can I just say I love depth/sustenance/connection/understanding.  One can know a lot yet add this to real embodied depth… 😊

So I made notes as it’s been over two weeks since I’ve blogged.  If you follow along here, that’s awhile for me, lol.

One may have switched from one theme to another as if overnight and it might have been a biggie.  Often themes are worked on over years and in layers/a cyclical nature.

One of the themes has been birth, death and rebirth.  Also and again old stories and where one can shift/transcend their/the energy.  If it’s about the old/not serving or… control… time to smile and say, by-bye.  Like a worn out record.  And victim vibe may have also been triggered/seen/ascended, too.  One of the points of this is to see that even when things are not ideal, we do have everything/all that we need.  Like, no excuses/pity party.  Now we can change the course, use our wit/magic/speak our wisdom/truth.  (When one is in victim mode they are in need of compassion/support/love/light yet… this is who we are.  Choose your role wisely as you do have much to offer.)

Many have been in passage:  Transitioned to another side/may no longer be in the physical here, been re-set, given a second (or 10th) lease on life or reached a new level.  Oh mountain peaks to sea/see.  We traverse all of the beautiful topography!   In the overall process, one will experience heaven, hell, peaks, valleys, outer, inner, nirvana, no man’s land…

So one may ask self, is there enough good to create anew/try again.  Or realize, it’s not what we have, it’s who we are.  Oh this is a time of kindness, acts of courage, and (spiritual) resiliency and realizations.  It’s in our dna.

And experiences!!  For some it has been intense.  Let me capitalize this.  Intense (as I’ve been in this group).  Yet intensity can be a good thing.  Coal to diamonds.  Even in intensity, peace and presence can be.  One of many initiations and rites of passage – life has many of them.

And, one may have a few additional surprises and wonder why/what certain moments were all about.  If one discerns a bit they may see how it can open up a new energy/group to one.  And our vibe may feel foreign to some, almost as a threat.  Ah, just take a breath and possibly a step back.  We don’t force love or light.

For some though they will now feel as if not much resonates in their reality.  Yet one will naturally know what to do/honor.  It may seem as if veils are in place or into the unknown we yet again go… yet… trust your process.  As soon as this energy is us (which really is now), the blinders will naturally fade.

The body may be feeling itchy, lower body drops, expanding, chills/needing to chill, pain/irritation/sore in random spots.  Awaking often during sleep and feeling the body change/shift/process… the list could include anything.  So yes, self-care may be needed.  I was also pondering on our anatomy – the brain and gut.  How in ways they look alike (and possibly a future post).


I will say many glitches and sync’s!  Time seems so fluid – one may get many previews.

September (9 in numerology) is preparing us for a new chapter… or book.  😉  To open our heart and the cosmic heart to new.  I think on the date of 6/9 as a ying-yang and often a time to pull in.  Then the date of 9/6 as that ying-yang flipping and turning outward.  And interesting as I worked on this post, a whisper repeated.  Ring pass not.  Oh this became an interesting and fitting research topic; also worthy of a future post.  For now I will say a ring pass not can be/mean many things.  It can provide protection, become a pole reversal, breaking a glass ceiling…

For now though, we realize and appreciate our embodied depth, the bigger picture and all of the amazing shifting that is happening.   (((  ❤  )))

5 comments on “Depth… and the larger process

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  2. Great post Molly, and THANK YOU dear one!!! RESONATING FULLY, and just know, I could have never come this far without you!!! There was NO MISTAKE when Spirit connected us, and I am eternally grateful. (((💗 )))

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