9/8-9/9 energy update

It’s been a bit since I’ve shared a general energy update.  Both yesterday and today many are feeling and anchoring in a large influx of energy/light.  I’ve been feeling it alternate between heart and mind.  Particularly the left frontal side/above brow and for me this symbolizes new intel.  The heart expansions have also been significant and if one’s new to feeling this energy, it can be confused for…

chest pain/anxiety/a heart issue.  I can recommend to slow/lay down.  Stay hydrated.  Meditate.  Inquire within for guidance.  Usually it’s just energy that needs to circulate in all of your being and may take several minutes and deeper breaths or, an hour of rest/relaxation.  The physical symptoms can run the gamete now – from head to toe… and if one is concerned, I don’t discourage seeking medical care as it can bring relief/connection and it may be an issue that does need medical attention.  Sometimes though something simple like a movie will make for a great moment/distraction/re-set and other times one will need a warm or cool/silent/dark room.  Laughter, music, painting, being in nature and hugging/snuggling may also assist.

We’re at new moon time and many may be feeling a bit off – dark night/knight ish.  Emotions and releases may go hand-in-hand with the physical upgrades, too.  Physical upgrades though can also feel high/bubbly.  A great time to think happy thoughts and make intentions.  And time may go from  s l o w  to fast!

For some, this is a time of calm/peace/pulling in/discernment/just being.  Allowing your body and inner Universe to reorganize.  This may also be a time of process/body/energy/life “assessments”.  And if one has been doing anything out of obligation… well, this may now become obvious.  We do in passion, service, joy and love… not obligation.

As I reflect on the larger picture, certain themes/messages/etc. were brought up and reviewed in (let’s say) June – early August.  Then as if a quick change and then possibly totally different topics/themes/events over the past several week.  One may now be osculating a bit between the two (like, what about…?) or in the unknown.  It can be made very simple.  Just.  Let.  Go.  All of it was important/served a purpose and we’re getting ready to leap/jump into the next wave/pool.  Clarity will come.

Enough for now.  Happy now!  In light and love!


P.S.  Gates open and veils thin so one may pick-up on overlap.

P.S.S.  An additional note/follow up on ring pass not/ring-pass-not:  A wise soul reminded me where I’d heard this word.  In the book (pg. 68), Metatron, This is the Clarion Call by M. Mackenzie.  I did also find several articles online and the word choice seemed to mean different things in different vibrations.  It can be a layer/bubble of protection. Represent sacred geometry and π (3.14159).  It can also be a sphere/orb of one’s energy and if it‘s off, that’s when an event/lesson is pulled to one to self-balance again.  It can also be a glass ceiling. Where one is ready to embody the next yet does need some higher assistance/energy/knowledge.  One can naturally allow themselves to pass through the ring pass not yet it may take intention/patience/time and assistance from an archetype/teacher/Metatron, etc.  In ways it ties into zero point/surrender/get out of your own way, lol.  To allow a higher energy to touch/become one.

and will share this link, too:  https://www.aquariuspapers.com/astrology/2011/05/what-is-the-ring-pass-not-and-why-is-it-so-important-in-our-spiritual-evolution.html

8 comments on “9/8-9/9 energy update

  1. When the moon is down, that time just before the New, I find it beneficial to finish up lingering chores and tasks and then to get quiet and restive. Your advise on ‘Staying hydrated and meditating’ is always good advice no matter where we are in the lunar cycle.
    Thank you. All my best to you.

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