Plasma Body


I’ve had a question for a few years yet first, I need to give a bit of a backstory and can make it short.  I never anticipated these past few years in my spiritual journey.  I didn’t even know what ascending was till late 2012 and the word didn’t resonate till 2014.  I identified myself as spiritual and lucky enough to have moments and knowing’s yet then reached a stage in my life where I did have a few questions (that seemed unanswerable yet were! and then… turned into 111 new questions).  I also wished to grown just a bit more into a gift/connection I felt I might have. 

So I remember about 3 years ago reading that our bodies were going to plasma… yet not the how/details/words that made sense to me.  On occasion I’ve shared in posts here my homework/understanding – really just baby steps and at times the word plasma would flow in my writing as I could feel in body/upgrades/meditation/nature (or a sign for it).  Yet… I couldn’t explain the how, why or details – it just was.

Well… our brain is a gift and the left side does want to know/understand/relate the how (as well as who, what, when, where – lol).  So after the last time I posted/attempted to bridge the science with the spiritual and how it meets the body here and now, I knew I still didn’t completely understand… and… maybe I still don’t.  😉  Oh this is just a perspective of a complex/detailed/multilayered topic.

So… the question being… how can our human body go… plasma??  From carbon based to crystalline silicone ???  Like we’re already awakening and unraveling dormant/”junk” dna, ascending, living … holy moly, how much can a body do/take in a lifetime…?  Well, our body and now is an amazing time.  Simply, in ways, it all rolls together/is the same.

There are different states of matter:  Solid, liquid, gas and… plasma.  We think we’re solid and, are.  Yet, as one ascends, their body is going through a detailed and etheric process.  One of the first and hardest steps (in my opinion) is to get the body at an allowing/neutral/relaxed/back to a homeostasis state.  I can now look back and see when I left the career world, this is when my/this process started.  Yet, it didn’t happen overnight or in a weekend retreat.  Really it took a few years.  While there are many ways… through time one is changing their frequency and much more than their mind will understand.

So one will ponder, seek, heal, meditate, connect, purge, ascend/descend and, change.  Again and again.  This alone can make one lighter.  And frequency/divine plan can determine what type of experiences, messages received and role(s) one will play.  Yet, I’ll also mention that one can ascend and possible never get a message – that’s the variety in this journey.

For me and much to my surprise, a very physical process started several years ago.  I came from the context that a spiritual person would have good health/no dis ease.  Well can I say, ha!   I could use many words to describe stages of changes of the mind, heart, spine, gut and all over (as if I’d been hit by a truck and like in bed for weeks).  Numerous layers may happen as our nervous system, lymphatic, organs, cells, bones, etc. are affected.  This physical process also ebbs and flows with the emotional, spiritual and reality processes – which for many is both here and in multiple dimensions.

Ahh… let’s take a breath since all of this is well paced.

A few years ago, I notice charts online with no description.  When electron flux’s where happening (like the example below), my body was sooo feeling.  Could my/our body be that dialed into the Earth and Universe…?  Yes!  These energies don’t just affect spacecraft… well, ha – we are!


Interesting as the human body holds many similarities to the cosmos.  We’re made up of stardust and plasma.  As a gas transforms to plasma – oh the heat/gamma/feeling puffy that we often feel in our body.  Plasma is neutral, after an electron is released.  And, perfect as this journey is often about getting to neutrality.  Plasma can also conduct electricity – oh many of us have felt the change in our magnetics/chemistry/etc.  And voilà… in stages and time, this would be our lightbody.  Plasma is less dense.  We are dialed in, more (or less) embodied and we light up/glow.  At times though in the process, we’re just a hot mess, lol.  This is though a very divine/special process.

A light body, plasma body, ascended, Christ, Crystal, Rainbow, etc. are basically all the same.  Yes, possibly different “states”/levels/embodiments/energies/purposes yet…

And many associate an ascended body with New Earth and… all that one desires.   Ascending is not always easy and it’s common to think/expect a pay off or reward.  Well… while some may experience ascension/New Earth like a permanent night to day/Nirvana/reward, often it presents in stages and different ways.  I feel New Earth often enough here and now.  The reward (for me) is all of this.  Us being able to experience, anchor and play our role.  It is a pivotal time here and the ripple effect in the multi.  And for me, this is the future of science, spirituality, quantum physics, medical and mental health.  Sure it may take another 11 or 111 years yet… it is happening.  😊   Honor your body and process as much is going on.   ❤


P.S.   A way to look at ascending (and there are many) is to appreciate that one now is able to do what would have occurred later/after death.  Ascension is often about connecting/understanding Heaven/other dimensions/wider perspective and feeling light/more Spirit like.  This is not for everyone yet much good can come from it for those who wish to experience.


And… past post/bridge if interested:  From Carbon to Crystal


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