Human Will + Soul Surfer

Life is always full yet the past month+ has been accelerated.  As life gets busy/different, writing often falls to the side; what presents is important.  So interesting as for years it’s been well paced/ample time to write even in the (spiritual) accelerations we’ve felt… yet now…

Well, the choices of where one’s time and energy could go… wow!  And it may not even feel like a choice and just be.  So the Universe is interrupting our normal viewing/programing/way of being.

First, I’ll mention that for several days now a pretty significant upgrade/gate has been happening.  And interesting as it’s not showing up on the usual charts, for example the electron flux… ha/yup, flu – we do feel the electron/proton/cells change when those pulses happen.  We do though have solar wind incoming; possibly felt 9/17, should be brief.  For those who’ve been doing this for years, this upgrade though may feel new/different and may not come with as much guidance/words/messages.  In ways though it feels like years ago – the need to rest/tired/flu like symptoms.  We may also be assisting those who for the first time wonder-realize, it’s not the flu/illness… it’s ascending/frequency light upgrades.  So we all feel, share and sync up/connect.

I was thinking of the steps over the years and often do this review:  Being spiritual, then awakening (like a lightening bolt), then ascending and descending – over and over.  During this time one embodies their soul, high-self, aspects, Christ/Crystal/Oversoul.  One may feel isolated upgrades in emotions, body (chakra’s, heart, mind, gut, pillar of light/lightbody/etc.),  an increase in connection/knowledge/understanding and… reality work – responding differently.  All of this can be pure divinity… or, seem intense/quite challenging.  The reality work (or emotional, physical) is not for one to dismiss/ignore/avoid – it is as good as it gets.

And then… can one do all over body (plasma) upgrades… add in some reality, possibly some outside pressure… and stay in their knowing/energy/connected to all that is.  (not adding a question mark 😉

Some will experience fire/heat… or possibly the water/fluid/release element.  Time sure does seem fluid, too.  Earth to ground and wind is who we also are.  The plasma upgrades are to assist us in healing self, others and to anchor/receive newer forms of light/messages.  Our dna is awakening, unraveling and our form/body is changing.

We ascend what we can here… no more, no less.  So no pressure, just do your best.  This may be the part in the script where the human will  (which is different than free will)  rises and meets the soul surfer.  And for some the waves may seem pretty high.  This can be awesome!! or terrifying  (so no wonder we have years of no fear work).  As each is ready and… there are many ways.  Trust or take a breath/nap/disconnect and regroup as these are energetic times.

If anything is carrying too much density, the process/”work-out” will make it/one lighter.  And if one is carrying too much of a charge… now may be a good time to neutralize.  We’re also working with the unpredictable factor.

We are expanding into our next now.  So some may feel stagnation which really is just the invitation to become present/aware.  Some may be feeling an incredible stretch/growing pains.  Well, how else are we going to bring forth our next/best… as at times we aren’t conscious/aware of what needs to change.  Some may feel depleted and defeated, self-care/love and trust that new plans will load.  A slow walk or moment in nature, meditation or volunteering in any way/change in perspective can help.

One may ask self… what is now teaching me?  What has now been stirred up?  Look at it as a vibration.  What words come to mind.   Then   (  (  zoom out  )  )  and up to see the bigger picture.

Also for the past month+ this has been a passageway time.  Many are transforming… and some leaving this earth plane/human form.  All very sacred.

One may be balancing multiple worlds/states of energy.  It’s okay if this feels awkward as it will settle.  And, it can be a good thing to be a bit self-centered and then also very humanitarian.  Equinox is coming (9/22) = balance.  And a full harvest moon (9/24)… yet enlightenment can come in any moment.

Blessings, gratitude and never ending love.  ❤



For those in the path of Florence, many have been working with this energy since it formed.  There are many ways to look at the energy/vortex/storm/flooding/reality.  For the coastal area I am in, I was impressed with how well prepared everyone became, a lot of communication, helping.  We are oh so resilient.  I could humbly say resistance to change is futile.  Higher shifts/forces are at work.  Flo/flow… and breathe with all.  What happens to one, happens to all.  Continued prayers as this energy continues to unfold.  Stay high, safe and proceed with Spirit.


And, a perspective on Florence Nightingale energy:

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