Yes… I could say that much is going on now and… that it can also be a quiet/peaceful/sublime time.  Many are feeling a personal pulse and embracing/working through/clearing what they need to.  So it can feel like a wtf/ready to give up/challenging time.  There’s also been a wave of energy…

that the mind will/may not understand.  So it may seem too quiet or that one needs to do something or is ready to yet… one may quickly find that as they start to go… it’s a no go.  Many of us are in a much larger process that can and can’t be described in words.  One may feel/experience in meditation/a slower moment.  A reminder and shift in energy that can change self, one’s energy, reality, thoughts, plans and etc.  Calling in/allowing/becoming a new and very high energy.  Ready for elevation?  Oh it is so available.  (The word choice of transcendence or a template wipe/restore may resonate.)

Yet yes, the moments are so pure and then all may go quiet again – this needs to unfold.  I’ve been feeling some significant physical upgrades (off and on for almost a week now) and noting messages that seem to be coming more so in sleep.  One evening I awoke in an energy that seemed like a teaching/reminder.  I wanted to note the message yet as I went to, the letters quickly and interestingly got mixed up:  Sleep will be like a  hoppy bohhy … hobby.  A choice like gardening, knitting or running.

That our organs have a new and higher functions and it’s our job/joy to figure out/discover what.  This was later followed by a moment in a rest.  I’ve been curious and writing some on our plasma body and this definitely ties into.

I also thought on how many of us have felt/connected/become/written on the higher heart, mind… yet… gut??  And one may be shown what it’s like to be plasma/spirit verses our organs-bones-body-form-density.  Oh so light!

And the message continued:  Organs can be like chakra’s.  Well, I remember years ago working with my seven chakra’s, then 12… and then told, no chakra’s.  So… that our organs and their functions will be different yet remain because they, too, remind like chakra’s.  A reference was made to… super human yet… it was also stated that this was not AI – Artificial Intelligence.  That this was our natural intelligence and state of being.

I do remember reading somewhere in the past that we won’t need food, water or sleep.  I know I am not there yet.  I actually love and seem to need all of these.  Yet in another overnight message this was brought up.  And that the second sun/second coming will power these/our bodies.  Some time ago I received messages on a second sun and some do write on this.  The words were:  The second sun/son which you can’t see just yet… yet it is there 24/7.  There is no more darkness.  Hmm… and… wonder if this ties into human photosynthesis… that it can be a sustaining life force.

If you follow along here, you know I am not a good speller and at times this adds to the interesting nature and perfection of Spirit.  I noted, metaformic energy fields and I later googled.  Well… did Spirit mean morphogenetic energy field (Google 😉 ) or  metaforms, metaformia or …   The message was this energy field that was so subtle to the human eye yet now would be seen.

I will also share that now is a time of perspective.  Living along the coast of North Carolina/USA… well, if you have power, a home, dry clothes and food, you are blessed!!  Many have been affected by Hurricane Florence.  Some interstates/roads/arteries/ communities are still underwater.  Many who evacuated haven’t been able to return to see if they have a home/what condition it’s in.  Some school’s remain closed and many wont be reporting to work “as usual”.   While I could go on and on regarding this topic and in a variety of perspectives… I use it more as an example that we have a variety of experiences and challenges here and are resilient.

Many are so blessed yet also so deep in a spiritual process, they may not see.  If one can come up for air, please do help self, others and this beautiful and amazing planet.  Love self, the one’s you’re with and go to/connect with those who you feel called to serve/be with.  Life is too short.  Even in not so ideal situations, we can shine!  Miracles can happen.  While there’s no wrong way to ascend/have a spiritual journey/life… and often do need to honor the process/go slow/turn in… also look around at all of the opportunities and possibilities of right now.  Powerful!

I also say all of this because the process/ascending can take years/lifetimes.  We are to live/have fun/laugh/enjoy/help and be with others.  Ascending is intense and may seem like it’s happening slow yet really it’s not.  These current accelerated energies have taken on new meanings and realities.  They do take some getting used to – mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually.  I received a message that the work and energy of now is the pow of 2019.  For some this is a yippee!!  while for others this is a ugh!!  as this journey is in steps/stages/layers.  So yes, we’re getting ready to shift again.  I hope that all can take a breath, feel and smile.  Happy equinox, full moon and now.  Truly amazing now.   

((  ❤  ))




15 comments on “Transcendence

  1. Considering it takes me three or more hours to fall asleep 💤 and my spirit never wants to return to the body to let me wake up in the morning… sleep has been my friend for a lifetime while tiredness is often my nemesis. Honestly I do enjoy the hours of falling to sleep. The blanket is comforting. The bed soft. Things are so still, dark and quiet. And while many nights I wonder if I will ever fall asleep, sleep arrives and I can never remember how. My sister takes 5 minutes to fall asleep. I drank up the still hours of darkness waiting. I enter the realm of mind where the spiritual teachers and shamans dwell. What answers come to me, if any, are forgotten by morning.

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    • Love this and good to hear from you/thank you! As a child it definitely took me an hour to fall asleep yet others minutes. So wow to the three+. I’ve noticed often enough whispers/messages come the moment before one falls into sleep. While I keep a notepad by the bed… And then we are re-set and often forget. Yet… it’s in our energy.
      “I enter the realm of mind where the spiritual teachers and shamans dwell.” ❤

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    • Great to hear from you Brandie! Interesting you say this and reminds me of a message I got like late Oct of ’17. I was saying “uncle” to an upgrade and the message was hinting to the ascending/upgrading energy would stop/fade in late 2019. It may be different for each yet maybe some are in a 7 year window or cycle, like 2012-2019. And oh there are so many possibilities of what can come to light (personally, collectively and beyond), enough to keep us busy for years! So it may be eventful. And as more come online/in memory/upgrade – oh this is going to get really fun! Smiling and here’s to now and 2020 – light years! ❤

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  3. Molly, you have been in my thoughts and prayers. I send so much love to you.
    Things feel overwhelming from time to time right now. Trying to stay as centered and stay out of the fray of the chaos that is happening as I witness the crumbling of the old. But always bringing myself back to gratitude.

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    • Tamyrah, thank you and smiling! In so many ways blessed. I will also share that I was noting this evening: On week 5 of accelerated energy in reality/life + upgrades + … Yet also many moments of calm/peace/balance/oh so present and perfect. One thing now seems sure… if it’s old/served, it’s going. And this may pertain to ANYTHING!! Ways, thoughts, stores, “vehicles”, clothes, any structure, etc.! New or not seems to be a theme and, we can travel light. If though new is needed and support is needed, just ask/pray/open heart. Miracles and ways will come.
      So yes, in gratitude and thank you so much – great to hear from amazing you. ❤


  4. “And that the second sun/second coming will power these/our bodies. Some time ago I received messages on a second sun and some do write on this. The words were: The second sun/son which you can’t see just yet… yet it is there 24/7. There is no more darkness. Hmm… and… wonder if this ties into human photosynthesis… that it can be a sustaining life force.”
    This is the first time that I’ve heard anyone speak of a ‘second sun’, that is since I read Mary’s Message to the World by Annie Kirkwood, many many years ago!! This however had me going to my book shelf to see exactly what was quoted: “After the turning of the Earth, there will be two Suns. This will become a binary solar system”. This may or may not have anything to do with the message you recieved, it just sparked a memory. This was a great post Molly, and you know all to well that I am fully resonating!
    Big Love and Huge (((Hug))) ❤️


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