Welcome the challenges

Well, this may or may not be timely/resonate.  I am still in trancendence energy yet will say there are many other moments and themes.  So…  Welcome the challenges… because how else are we going to clear/change/amaze self/evolve…?  What we clear now will then not be our future.  So… let it come… do your best… and let it go.  We got this… remember…?  And really, much is small stuff.

Well, for some it’s some pretty big stuff yet still… oh how well you will do.  Just remember who you really are.  😊   Take a breath… or a nap… and try again.

On a different vibe, just sharing this reminder, too.  We are not victims of ascending.  Ascending is sacred.  Sure it may not be what one thought in many moments yet … now is not the time to… well, fear, anger/frustration and etc.!! may be seen/felt/experienced/expressed and… released.   And this is a good thing.  Then we pull in and experience the other side and bliss of this.

So hold on loves and lights because we’re going into this equinox and full moon rocking and rolling.   ❤

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