Just a quick checking-in lights and loves.  How are you doing…?  Aren’t you glad we’ve been well prepared and been practicing for some time now… otherwise these past few weeks – whooo!   The upgrades, realities and energy. 

It seems Matrix/Lucy/Arrival like now.  We also have now some solar wind and an electron flux pow.


Now reminds me why years ago I struggled with the word choice of Universal laws.  Ha!  There are no laws.  So time and realities may seem fluid, bizarre… Grounding may seem a bit more challenging… or really easy as sleep may become a priority.  One may feel OOB – Out Of Body/in a bubble/here yet not.  Om/chant/tone/hum/sing, rest, disconnect and just breath, enjoy and… be.

I’ve been reminded, as above, so below.  Much is/has happened in the Universe and this ripples and plays out here.  And… as within, so without.  This is where the bottom falls out yet really it is just breaking the glass ceiling.   Stay open, flexible and positive/in love as we travel through this solstice/passageway.

(((  ❤  )))


4 comments on “Soulstice

  1. “Well prepared and practicing”? You bet, otherwise I’m pretty sure I’d already croaked by now!!🐸 Lol
    Happy Autumnal Equinox dear soul sister💚🍁🌾🍂💛

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