Trust the timing


It has been bam, energetic, busy yet on point.  So it was interesting to feel stillness/neutrality/a pause as I meditated today.  There’s also a bit of releasing some pretty random, old and negative thoughts.  Like where did those come from and… no worries.  While one could discern on them (hidden gems everywhere), it may be just as easy to let go/they served.  I share this since…

the old me, moments like these in the middle of highly energetic times were confusing.  Like… what is/was all that about… and, what now…?  Oh… to hold in perspective.  We’ve only just begone (singing).

Over the past 18 hours, we’ve had two start bursts and it’s been 3 weeks since we’ve had one.  These can bring a lift, high or clarion call.  It can be felt in one’s energy, dreams or message(s).  If one has felt these in the past yet not now… just self-tune/find your vibe and then enjoy.

If one hasn’t felt in the past, be open.  Give self some space… and for this connection to form naturally.  We are that in tune with the earth, self and Universe.

This is when we truly anchor in balance (solstice) and ease/grace/appreciation/celebration (full moon).  Verses… expectations/awaiting this or that… as it all will come in divine ways and time.  I love you… and now let’s all proceed in love, light, knowing and joy.  ❤

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