Adjustments to biological clock


Well… no rest for the weary I could say.  So might as well make use of the energy.  The past two nights very light sleep – a lot of energy running.  For some though this has been all week.  The body may continue to be feeling much, too.  And one may notice adults are not the only one feeling.  Children, too.

They may seem wound up/intense/having many thoughts/bouncing all over the place/needing an outlet.  Assist them in breathing, grounding, channeling… and laughing.

There is no time for Spirit so often we do have moments/experiences that are not in sync with our old routine.  Often when I feel awoken during times I believe I need sleep (lol), I then find a message comes through… or there is an amazing starry night or sunrise to witness.  Changes to our routine can be a good thing.  I will also say though that it’s okay if no message comes forth.  This may seem frustrating, like what’s this about…?  Oh we are pulling in more than our mind understands in moments and we relax/go with the flow/adapt.

Our molecular structure and chemistry is changing.  Each cell, organ and our rhythm.  This is a very thorough reset.  There are many processes and energy levels our body resets to.  Anti-aging, heart/circadian rhythm, hormonal… and then to Mother Earth/Nature/Universal heart grid, etc.

If one is interested they can also look into body meridians, Chinese medicine and try new things/routines to assist sleep.  Yet I think the point is the light that we are pulling in/awakening in body… well… melatonin aint got nothing on it.

So trust your body, timing and process.  Adjustments to our internal clock… as within, so without.  Oh don’t we all love perfect timing!  Wishing all an enlightening day and ease and knowing as we reset.  ❤


P.S.  Be kind and patient to self and others.  Rest when you can.  These types/times can have a multi effect – changes in plans/attitude/etc.  Stay present, be open and smile as all is well.

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