Multicultural Spirituality, Next Level

When you google multicultural spirituality, it seems to go hand-in-hand with religion yet, this post isn’t about religion.  More so about love, sharing and seeing the next level.  So interesting the thoughts one comes back two… lol, too.  I remember some time ago writing on why are so many of the Ascended Master’s portrayed as white/olive tone and seeing a niche for more African-American/other ethnicities in the spiritual artwork realm.  While I may have been born…

this lifetime a white girl/skin tone, growing up I remember Dick Clark’s Top 40 would be on TV yet I’d watch Soul Train.  And as a teenager my friends would say, gheez you got soul for a white girl.  We are one soul.  The diversity, variety, divinity – made in all images.  So many fractal/aspects that come back to one.

So now I wondered…  Ascended Master’s may be more a white person thing.  A few months ago I remember typing the word Master (which I’ve used often in the past) and for the first time realized this word may not resonate with some audiences and could even be offensive.  YIKES!  I write in love and word choice is important.

I believe in inclusion, diversity and transcending borders/making bridges as many of us are mutts/hybrids/really just wearing a costume anyway.  And as I often look around, I see many groups that have a mostly (for example) caucasian females (or this or that) audience… and feel we’re ready for more blended.  Men, woman, children and of all races/cultures/gifts/lineages.

Ascended Masters (Jesus, Mary, Saint Germain and many others) and when one comes into their Mastery is indeed sacred/an honor… and… just a way.  So initially I noted:  Help me out here.  Know of an artist or teacher who see’s and creates a more diverse picture?  I open this up to be enlightened on other views as those who are awakening now (still many starseeds) are more culturally diverse and aware than many of the forerunners/what’s been relayed before.  Maybe they won’t align to Masters/teachers, etc. or… see past color… or in new colorful ways.  Visual images are a way/gift.  It can assist us to understand and find others here… as really it’s not about the form/density… more so the energy/message.


Oh we have so much to learn from each other and are better together.  Blessing and Love.  Namaste.


Yet… … I parked this in the drafts folder as it was still unclear and stirring in me.  And… I was thinking about this all wrong.  There is amazing and diverse spiritual artwork out there.  Open mind, heart and eyes to see.

And as I did a bit of homework, came across a new (for me) word:  Melanated and it was often with the word choice of, Children of the Sun.  I smiled.  Many of us have mermaid/oh so many types of dna and feel better when we’re in sunlight.  (Also reminding me what feels like forever ago writing on SAD, Seasonal Effective Disorder – we need light.)  And, while the word choice of Children of the Sun reminded me of the 70’s song… like most words, can have many meanings so I’ll share this article I found as it resonated.

Interesting as melanin is secreted from the pineal gland and determines pigment (as well as if one will tan or burn easily).  The more melanin, the dark the skin color and, production of melanin is affected by UV exposure and genetic make-up.  Melanin also determines eye color and this, too, is very interesting as eyes are the window of the soul.  Oh I do feel this ties into epigenetics/science of Spirit.

There are so many paths/ways/truths in a spiritual journey and often they are quite personal… and also collective.  Often one… no matter if they’re african-american, asian, caucasian, latino, etc. … we come to clear lineages of karma.  This often starts personal, then can be multigenerational… and even multidimensional.  Often it’s both very challenging/painful and rewarding work.  Often we do need to find our kind to get it done.  Yet then and also during… we to honor, respect and share.  To listen… love… and evolve.   ❤   While the stories/experiences are very different, often the vibes are the same (pain/sadness/hardship/cruelty).   They evoke the human condition and spirit  (love/forgiveness/healing/connection).

So thank you for reading and please feel free to comment below.  Time to expand the web.


[  I remember writing some time ago on finding your kind.  Some of the best reminders and activations can come from the one’s who are different (yet not) than you.  ]

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