Redefining your spiritual journey


As I sat outside the other morning, it was calm and peaceful.  In a reflective state… and came to these words about now that may resonate for some.  For many this is a time of… redefining… and in many ways.  What and who we are.  What brings our life joy and meaning… to include what and if we need a defining purpose/way.  By now we know what we desire as this has changed some… or a lot in the journey.  We also know that we are here for a reason yet the reason(s) may have also changed.  Life is moving on, new stages in the spiritual process have unfolded and now… how do we function… continue to adjust/adapt/respond/be.  What is real…?  Important…?

For some glorious paths have or are unfolding.  While for others, what seems like delay/challenging/difficult/unfair hands of fate.  So it may seem like, how can one now see… salvage what is… (left)/make the best out of the hand that’s been dealt.  Well, this = salvation.


Often the journey will naturally bring one to their authentic and best self.  And oh stages of taking personal responsibility here and now, too.  To review/see all that’s been given and what now needs to be done.  This is a seeing the glass as full… verses half empty or shattered.  If one thought a spiritual journey would give all that life or others wouldn’t… well… (while it can) one might have again set themselves up for heartbreak.  This can be a good thing as the light will enter… and one will try yet again.

So it’s interesting to see the current variety.  Many continue on – the baby steps/in knowing.  Some get angry/give up/surrender… or go back to or try a new way.  Trust that for some this journey is to be a challenge and/or a very thorough mental, emotional, physical, spiritual and reality review and leveling up.

Often one will be interested/invited by a knowing… or the law of attraction, a spiritual glow/bliss, wanting to feel whole/understood/chosen and/or rewarded.  For one on a spiritual path it’s easy to see why one didn’t find it in 3D… yet what if you still cant find it consistently in 5+D/after years of spiritual devotion?  Can one remember they came to have just this experience?  To be lost and found again and again in amazing graze.

We are creating our own experience… and this should feel empowering.

So I will say there’s a very healing energy available.  For both the newbies and all of those who’ve been doing the work for years (and may have thought the healing “stage” was done).  Well … it comes as needed for the rest of the time we are here and human; a never ending gift.

And, some changes are so needed.  That’s the tricky part when one is in it … you just don’t see what you need to make things better… yet… you will.  If it doesn’t feed your soul or get/make you happy/excited/glowing/on fire… might be time to say… bye-by.  We are looking for peace, joy, love… and those who will complement our ever expanding and elevating journey.  Also know that others are acting as catalysts and extremes to assist/push us… 😉

These next few weeks hold the energy of transformation (whenever you find this post).  A time to redefine your world/universe/spiritual process/life.  While for many (at the time/vibe I write this) this is soon to be the fall back time… for other’s a time to spring forth.  Can one see how far you’ve come this year alone…?  Yet by the next full moon (and till the end of the year), even more embodiment/peace/wellbeing/alignment.  The harvest moon energy will play out and a time to prepare for the next and new.

Set yourself up well for 2019.  We are asked to do our best and part… and also trust and stay in tune with all that is.    This is a time of letting go/turning over a new leaf/gaining a new lease on life.  Possibly to bloom where planted or go with the wind/change.  Gratitude/perspective may humble as many would feel blessed to be in your shoes….   Oh happy creating!  ❤

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