Get through the forest to see the trees


Honestly, the title is enough… and how true.  At times we are to in the details/process to see the situation/reality as a whole.  And as that whole is… wow…  Trying to wrap our human brain around… talk about mind blown.  No wonder… 

the process is in stages.

The weekend energy was high… yet (hopefully) one was also able to go/do/be.  I can remember times though of feeling this energy and needing to keep it so simple.  One evening the backside/descent for a few hours and I was grateful as it subsided – to end the day/sleep neutral vs. feeling not so optimistic.  At times though we do need to deplete.  It opens our hearts and the next/new starts.

The energy plays out though in a variety of ways.  Emotions, situations and one may feel different body sensations, seeing “things”, out of it/in their own energy, needing sleep or not able to sleep.  For those who’ve been open to the energy (conscious or unconscious)/riding the waves for awhile now, all of this is “normal”.  I could encourage to eat light  (I’ve been going from not hungry to then hungry – as if a switch was flipped – yet knowing I don’t need much).  We are digesting light (vs. density/form) and it’s as if our body can’t do both at the same time.  Stay hydrated as our organs do still need this.

No stories have surfaced with the high or low energy which is often how it is and can be a good thing.  What does surface though can be angelic/messages to know/embody/share or… feelings that need to be honored/loved.  If they feel not so ideal, they will pass.

As far as the body… new spots/sensations may be felt.  In the past few months (for me) this tingle above the eyebrow, an ache in foot… and lower back again (the weekend before was a powerful pow/life force/chi awakening for many and one may also feel a bit more).

I’ll also mention that a fear of death as one ascends may surface.  This may be tied to really old past life experience/energy.  Talk your body through now… and that all is well.  This journey follows nature, having many decay/collapse/rebirth cycles.

And… here’s a perspective.  This life we are living now is like going on a vacation.  For many they work 51 weeks a year and go to a dream/favorite/wish to experience place for a week.  So in our unlimited lives, being here and now is just a (chosen) vacation.  😮  Let that sink in.

The next wave of souls are now starting their journey.  A seven year cycle for many.  Like 2012 was for many of us… 2018 will be their reference year.  Often when one awakens, while this may start as a spiritual experience, it also starts in shifts before that.  As one starts to question/ponder/open up their energy… and have some defining reality moments – like, I can’t stay quiet or do this anymore/this needs change.

For many October will be a month of integrating/processing/new gates opening/doing what they need to… yet for others, what was unknown will become crystal clear and as if overnight.  Smiling…  And Spirit just whispered, semblance.  Ahh, as within, so with out.  As the next aspect/act comes into form.  In our likeness.

Well… beautiful weather here.  Get outside as you can and take a few deeper breaths and just enjoy/be who you now are.  Simple and less can be more.  Some will need to limit stimuli… yet, make time for unity/connection and… fun!  Step by step we go…  




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