Feel it to heal it


I had an interesting set of dynamics surface and at first couldn’t see the teaching that was coming to light.  Oh this journey always has a surprise… and a possible teaching moment.  What I have learned from past/years of healing work is… if one is willing to go there, one can get to the other side of it.  And from this life changing and systemic transformation can happen. 

Whatever word(s) one can come to, to summarize the it/issue… getting to the root.  Then, think of the opposite.  That’s the gift… and what the Universe wishes you to now claim/be.  So I share these words since I do think it affects entire generations/groups:

  • Not being wanted.
  • Not now.
  • Not working out
  • Not what is ideal or wanted.

So… the other side of this would be… smile with me:

  • Being wanted.
  • Now.  !!
  • Working out.
  • Oh what is ideal and wanted/desired… brings one joy.

While these words may not fit your current situation… one can reflect and if needed come up with your own 😊

The process may be a bit messy.  It may be anything but traditional or… obvious at first.  Often how situations present are complicated or may seem in disguise.  Slow it down to see… the often repeating theme/energy.  And if you’re new to (self) healing/improvement work… it may be/seem scary, emotional/raw.  It may also take time… perspective… and some maturity/wisdom.  One can get there though.  I can share that this latest round was not nearly as emotional/tough as in the past.  It came with tender moments yet more ease/grace/peace.

One may also be tempted to pull others into the process (possibly a bit too soon).  I could share that this is about you.  Get self there first (like the oxygen mask on an airplane)… and then in time one will know if/when you can possibly assist in other’s healing/journey.  What makes a good healer…?  While many things, also one who’s been there/healed self.

So what helps… ?  Allowing – it’s okay not to be okay.  Reminding self that one is now in a different place (safe).  Time – it’s a process/one needs time-space to process.  Journaling.  Talking to a (neutral/wise/supportive) friend.  Self love/care.  Meditating/spending time in nature/quiet moments to allow your wisdom/higher self to speak.

And here’s the joy and easy part.  Once you change your energy, everything else falls into place.  Sure it may take a moment… weeks… it doesn’t matter.  You’re different and no one can take or change that.  One can let go of the past (verses just saying/using the words) … and start again.  Into your happy new future you go.

For many we asked for these moments now… verses later/end of life/in Heaven.  Oh healing work is a gift we give to self, others and this planet.


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