Yup… a new show on TV and a popular spiritual word.  As is often the case, a word that holds several different meanings.


And in a spiritual sense… to manifest what one desires.  This is often done through energy, matching vibrations and at times created on a higher plane (in meditation/ceremony) and then brought into one’s reality.  One can pull just about any aspect/characteristic/reality/energy they need.  Manifesting is about the now… and the future.  Manifesting is synchronicities – oh we love those!

So… I could say that the energy of now is interesting.  For some it’s a blank slate.  For some it is hot, hot, heated.  And… possibly a time of seeing false realities.  This may be a bit… or big surprise what is now off/false.  Oh a time to release self imposed realities.  Ahh… ponder on that for a moment.  We are not waiting on the Universe.  The Universe is waiting on us.  😊

If one though is feeling the body adjust to the new… please be kind to self.  Ya just can’t rush it.

So I can remind that there’s no more work… only joy.  Yes… many of us work/are in service… yet the reminder that really this is play and not to be in obligation.  And to maximize every opportunity.  As it may not be given on a silver platter/appear as you thought.  Yet… freedom has been given… and we are using our free will/divine sovereignty.

So I will share a perspective as many lightworkers experience mental health issues:  Depressed is when one is in an energy of a funk/timeout/stalemate/not so optimistic, hopeful or happy.  Suppressed is the suppression of being.  To keep from being revealed.  One may now more easily come out of either of these stages… as they served.  A series of meditations may assist – allow the real you to rise up.

And, often lightworkers need something to do.  They actually like challenges… and may feel off course unless they’re in service/action/purpose.  Since this is a well paced journey and often not how one thinks… there will be periods of slow and what may seem like not lining up/flowing as you wish.  So… what are you doing… now…?  One can fill voids with magical and surprising moments.

This is a time of full alignment.  One could think of a car.  If a vehicle/“vehicle” is out of alignment, a tire gets worn… one drives or is pulled to a side verses straight down the middle/center.  One may end up not where they thought… yet, all places hold scenery.

This is a time to allow all of your best aspects to line up.  To be… present.  We’ve never  been this.  Think on who you were/are/have become.  Also possibly ponder on what one doesn’t know… or hasn’t embraced yet.  Can one fathom…?  Often what we embrace, we embody.  Oh this is a wonderful time… place and process.  Happy manifest… and manifesting!


Weekend energy update:  The forecast is for a solar wind/geo storm for Sunday/Monday.  Solar wind affects each differently.  Some will witness vocal/aggressive/attitude… some will feel high/float/sense a closer spiritual connection.  Just be open… and patient/kind.  If the energy starts to feel too intense, disconnect/clear the channel/come back to center.  We’ve also started October with a starburst each day and the Schumann resonance these past several months has been more active.  Many have been in a energy/cocoon processing some of the latest updates/energy/body changes and messages/inner knowing may now start to break through.  ❤


P.S.  Manifest on nbc has been a reminder that we are all connected, often don’t understand yet feel called… and then to witness the bigger picture/perfect synchronicity.

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