Never Underestimate a Lightworker


nor the HUman Spirit.  Resiliency is part of our DNA.

Oh… … like do I need to write anymore…?  As this may be all one needs – the reminder.  😊

So sure we may go what seems dark or quiet at times.  Or have challenges.  This serves in numerous ways.  Yet then at the right moment… a catapult ahead.  Much is written on leaping ahead… forward… onward and upward… right?  Well…  I often share that to make progress in the journey, at times, one will go back/take a step to the side… or down.  And this may describe one of the current energies running.  For some it may even be an energy they’ll be re-set to… yet as the journey is often full circle, this may actually be a good thing.  When one thinks on all paths are equal, being reset to an earlier “time”/set of dynamics… yet keeping in mind and energy that one is different (like, a lot)… this may be the key one needs.  It can make all the difference now.  Often our timing is off – we are ahead of our time – and now, doors will open.  Others will be ready.  It’s not about force or even determination though.  It’s just an acceptance… and a natural and flowing state of being/life force/reality.  Just remember your skills, gifts and magic… please.

And, here’s a thought… what if 3D is new earth…?  Ohh!!  Lol.  In ways “3D” may now hold some advantages and feel like a blessing.  If one has toured higher realms/planes of energy/ascended for a while, they may see that there’s some drama/challenges/processes there too.  (I know not a traditional thought.)  So 3D (what many wanted to get out of) may seem like a cake walk.

There are infinite possibilities and energies running so it would be impossible to cover all of them.  I will though share these reminders that may (or may not) resonate/assist.  This can be a time to Rise.  To see the excuses and small stuff for what they are.  It may also be a time to call back or adjust one’s energy… as it is needed here and now.  That may be in one’s body/reality/life.

This may also (or soon to be) a time of experiences/unexpected and this can be the yippee kind or the, what the…??  When one’s energy/poles are stagnant or reversed, outer experiences happen to help adjust the energy.  When poles/energy is flowing as it should, inner experiences happen.  And from this, more synchronicities and often one can manifest what they love/desire.  In saying this… many will understand what one loves/desires is often pretty simple.  It feels easy/natural/like peace… and bliss.

While these are energetic times… one can be in joy/peace/love… and be able to see the special moments.  So don’t get distracted, stay the course.  There’s much beauty to witness and many divine moments to experience.   Namaste.   ❤

13 comments on “Never Underestimate a Lightworker

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  2. Wow!!! What a POWERFUL MESSAGE, resonating my love once again, YOU are SO AMAZING, and I’m not saying this to give you the ‘big head’…teehee!!
    You ROCK, and THANK YOU!!! 🤗❤️

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    • Aww Annette… I stay humble. I am just one of many, a channel and have my human/HUman/student moments, too. What I am grateful for is some amazing readers/fellow wise souls who’ve supported, loved and also been brave enough to share. All of this brings me such JOY!! So thank YOU and LOVE, love, Love!! ((( ❤ )))


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