Your energy precedes


How are we doing loves and lights…?  We have some solar wind/geo storm activity and this affects all.  We’ve also had some higher Schumann resonance.  I could say that it’s been like one of those more traditional upgrade weekends many of us have been experiencing for years now.  The spectrum though is wide.  One may have needed to rest/pull in/had or having awesome connection/union/spiritual moments.

Often the “body” travels through the solar system once their energy clears the gates of heaven and any home is visited.

Some though may be like… hmm…    Well, we are at new moon time and trust that the mind will have clarity soon.  Part of this pulse may feel like a mind rewiring/in a fog.  And interesting as I looked at last October – it, too, was a busy month.

Some time ago I wrote on specialized paths.  That theme seems to be UP again.  Often we travel along in packs and that serves.  Then we’re invited to pull in and get clear.  Now can be a time of getting messages/signs/dreams/a knowing on a niche.

Some will feel this is a full circle time.  To find themselves back/grounded/open/anew.  As if the past is very much in the past.  For many this is a journey of healing and discovery.  Often one clears a lot of past and this may include spiritual ways, too.  Ancient (while this can be a good thing and gift) has been cleared.  And often we think of ascending as just that… getting to another place.  Yet what if it’s more about coming back to now/present/as it should be.

This is a journey of releasing fear, victim mentality, taking responsibility… and oh so much more.  As lightworkers we often pause, question… and don’t do automatically (as we did in the past and many still do).  We look for moments where we can change the course, elevate.  From unconscious to conscious… in so many of our ways.  So one may need to pause/slow a moment down to ensure one isn’t passing along false/fear/lower timelines.  To hold everything in it’s highest light.

And… one may be reminded that energy precedes.  Like… every.  single.  time.  This is why we can trust our gut.  We can smell/feel the energy before we even see it.

So… yes, some of the posts here in the past few weeks are very fitting.  Trust the timing.  Welcome any challenges.  Get through the forest (and into the clearing).  Redefine your journey/life… and… Manifest.   Altitude and attitude… while not everything, sure can help!   ❤


P.S.  For several years now I/many have assisted in gateways, gridwork, collective clearing, healing, upgrades and all other duties as assigned.  While one never knows/change is par for the course…  we seem to be aligning in new ways to a team now/HUmanity.  It is about now and our very bright future.  For me, an interest in the Science/Spirituality/epigenetics mix; a, New Earth science.  😊  Many of us walk multiple worlds… and to be grounded/able to offer a perspective here is indeed a joy and gift.  Know that we are here/in body for a reason.  So I look forward to how this unfolds as the team has many branches and they’ve grown.  We each offer a unique gift and all is needed.  Oh new visions…   ((( ❤ )))

11 comments on “Your energy precedes

  1. Of course! You just allowed me to understand why I can trust my gut. B/c energy precedes–and my gut feeling is the sensing of that energy. OH, I always learn something new here:). XXOO

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    • An once again you make me smile. I love your energy! And… this is a complement/sync with another conversation I had today. We can speak to heart, mind, gut, essence…. words tend to come and go so quickly though from the mind yet in heart space… ((( ❤ )))


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