Pull UP

One could say that now is a time of pulling self… and others UP.  While this naturally happens often enough in the process…

Well… I particularly think of emotions and thoughts.  Like yes, Up up UP!  As far as the body some may continue to feel moments/days/waves of… well, the list could be anything.  Mind fog, lower spine tenderness, teeth, fever ish, an unusual body odor (gland/chemical release) and etc.!  At this point I don’t even refer to it as upgrades/ascending/embodiment… it just is.  And the mind and body may be releasing (fear of or future) dis ease.  This often present as symptoms that would normally cause the mind alarm yet then do naturally clear (usually within a few days).  Please cut yourself some slack.  This is not a 3D thing… you’re in a very intricate and monumental process and it takes time/patience/love.

To say that there’s been/is a significant collective PURGE going on would be an understatement.  Yet… there’s also so much PEACE.  For some though peace doesn’t seem to be an option/choice/resonate and… this serves.  So one may participate or assist in the purge – peace path… or just shift/remain in peace/ease/silence.

While October may continue to be dynamic… at the same time love is the underlying and unwavering glue.  Feel it…?    The other day the words “litmus test” came.  While this is a test for acidity or alkalinity (and may be a clue)… it’s also a test for truth/an answer.  One can form their own “litmus test”.  I hope it’s based in love/peace/faith/a higher perspective… verses fear/despair/false.

Often and easily in 3D we get wired to drama/stimuli.  It is a fuel/can make one feel alive.  It can take awhile to rewire one to other ways of being.

There’s also an accelerated (higher heart and mind) energy.  Yet I was reminded in meditation that we are past the great flood stage many of us saw in dreams some time/years ago.  For some, now is just more of a polish stage in an energetic time.  Ahh… keep breathing.

Many are blessed to have others come into our energy.  For me sometimes it’s via blog/fb/online… other times it’s as simple as who’s at the store/in line/parked next to my vehicle.  So interesting as one of the themes/outcries has been (and yes there are many)… when will the struggle end…??!!  More recently though, I’ve paused/wondered why many think they’re in hell/taking certain situations so personal.  Like no one is exempt from… life.  It is dynamic.  Difficult situations offer a time of change/healing/self-empowerment/freedom… and even joy.  It’s not happening “to” you… more so “for” you/all.  So, many I see as blessed… yet, often we forget just how much.  Perspective.  I will say there’s an occasional case that causes me to not only pause but deeply honor.  The struggle is… real… and all I can do is sit/listen/hold in love, light and compassion.  For the majority though… the struggle ends now/as each are ready.  Life is good.  Life is as good as we allow and/or make it.

This interestingly ties into many have shifted and hold new views/believes on a spiritual journey.  While many are awakening/excited/on fire… some are angry/no longer believe… (after years of being faithful).  What I will share is at times one will have a very profound and possibly extended spiritual experience… yet then, “return”.  Many assume that once one falls into a spiritual track that the momentum will just continue to increase until… BAM… they’re in new earth/have mastered the law of attraction/have all they desire/been rewarded/etc.  While this may be the case for some… oh I just smile.  If one has been waiting on the miracle… well… it is you.

So I share that balance is an important part of the process for many.  To have the amazing… and even unknown/bizarre/challenging spiritual experiences yet, to also be of/in their reality.  Often spiritual and reality due diligence is needed.  To come up for air/assessment/trying/doing your part.  And to know that new horizon are unfolding.  If in doubt, keep your lights on, be open… rest/sleep (so much of now actually depends on being well rested and of sound mind and body)… and, look again.   ❤

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