Emotional body/pulse


Just wanted to check-in loves and lights.  It does seem an emotion pulse has been sent and for some it’s been a while and may even feel like a what…??/step back.  So even seasoned gridworkers/wayshowers/lightworkers and etc!! may be feeling.

It may included out of nowhere reminiscing on the past and being a bit surprised at the memory and emotions that surface.  Or a moment where tears stream/gush… or easily triggered.  Or, seeing something that one takes for granted yet now… is so beautiful/touching/moving.  It may also present in dreams… or as thoughts of depression/etc.  I can remind not to be so quick in claiming this/any label.  It can come and go!  It’s brought to us to feel/appreciate and elevate/resolve if needed.  And it may feel very undefined and oh how the mind wishes to place it…   It may be alchemizing in advance… or just part of the process (relax mind, all is well.)

So often in the journey one will come back to a lesson they thought they already got/mastered at some prior time and this one may be on, self-love.  Often it is one of the early stages we go through… yet now we are different and the reminder and new resonance may assist.  Self-love is not always taught or modeled (as we grow up/live in 3D).  And at first one may think it’s about pampering/taking a time-out… yet it may run much deeper than this.  It becomes about unconditional love to self.  Cultivating that.  A powerful life force.  Being that… as it will ripple out.

So what you allow in your energy matters (yet is also divinely perfect) and one may be even more sensitive now.  And… one may quickly see where they’re making up stories/adding an energy that doesn’t need to be there.  Yet this serves.  Do or do not take all of this so serious.  It will pass.  JOY and a deeper appreciation is on the other side of this… and like, now.

So last night I noted:  While surrender does work… (may be a good time to zero point all energy/re-set self)… I also needed to go back to my notes of 3 months ago to better understand now; often this works for me.  And to yet again be a bit in awe.  Like we are told/know (enough) yet so quickly forget.  So interesting to see notes on a filibuster/delay in the Universe and well, that did play out here on Earth/in the US… and how October would be an intense/energetic month – yet haven’t they all been, lol.  So we are now and have been building our next reality/initiation/joy and, soon to play out.  It may be any moment or… as the lovely 11 month starts.  Anything that has come up in the past 2-3 months may factor in.  And this is where it can get a bit confusing… as we’ve also experienced a variety of energetic highs and lows (and not always knowing what these are/just feeling the overlay).  Trust that we’ve been elevating the options and will know/have ease as they present.  All holes are now whole.  And… add in the body adjustments – wowziers!  (I’ve been feeling off and on and on for 3 weeks now.)  So one may feel very much stretched/bizarre/ready to say, uncle.. or a re-birth is happening.  Oh self-love/care/priorities/divine simplicity may take on new meaning.  Honor this time/energy.

What may also help is asking self, what pulse am I … … sending out?  This may be very unconscious yet trust that energy is energy… and attracts as well as precedes.  This can assist one in becoming present, shedding layers of false energy and shifting/tipping to the future.  So… then what comes is not to blindside… yet often/very well may.  It is for our best interest and not to be taken personal (per say) if negative/not ideal/what we thought or wanted.  Ground self in breath, gratitude and love.  Ahh.  Make those aha’s/shifts now as you can.  Think/align to the higher thoughts.  Be open and relax.  O-P-E-N  heart, mind and energy.  While it may seem like an up/down/sideways/inside out/round and round/surreal time… well, for many this is a polishing stage and love/attention to detail/discernment may add to the shine.   

  ❤  Shine on your crazy diamonds!  We are love and light.  ❤ 

6 comments on “Emotional body/pulse

  1. This crazy diamond is indeed shining on!! Through all the ups, downs, sideways, and the ‘memory emotional releases’ of late! (((❤️)))

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