new emergence


In the past, a post would be able to cover most of what was going on… yet now… HA!  There’s no way to cover all the threads/aspects/energies/moments.  The energy does seem to be shifting (as if by the hour) and patience and flexibility seem to just… be.

This may be a time to journal/note as much may be coming up.  Yet it may be just as easy to let it flow/go and not take self/moments too serious.  In zooming out one can acknowledge the journey does often change/morph and this is again one of those times; both on the micro and macro.

We are syncing our emotional, physical and spiritual body with the now/future/larger and grander.  In doing this, one may feel the in-between (not here or where).  Grounding may be a bit difficult and seem to go against the natural process that is happening.  One can or naturally will.

For those who’ve been feeling the latest (ascension) body adjustments… whooo.  Yet a peace/calm/appreciation/new understanding may also come.  For those who’ve been in reality/process work, it may seem like how much more does one need to do (to get a reality to shift)… ?  Well… it takes what it takes and one will know when to let go, continue or try (in a different way) again.

Out of nowhere an energetic push/message may come.  The topic probably won’t surprise yet one may wonder on the timing.  The push/energy may be real/intense.  It may also feel like what was inconceivable is now… conceivable.    There’s no wrong choice – go for it/just do it… or… breathe/note to self/another moment will come round.  Most things do naturally work themselves out regardless.  The Universe though is making sure one is not caught in an act/life/reality that is not there own.  This is (to be) our event.

So it may fit some recent a-ha’s to remind that life starts on the other side of truth.  And oh are new truths/energies emerging.  One could say that some anchors are also being moved and this may be quite alarming to some… realities.  Not all have made it through this time/energy (or just yet) … as yUP… it’s been a bit bumpy.  So new pods have also formed (based on energy/lessons/etc.) … and this means new friends to play with.  Dreams may give some hints.  And what was one’s rock/foundation/way may be going through a test/inspection.  Will it be a good foundation for this next phase…?  Many of us have had these moments before yet “structures” are often inspected.  Can they support and endure the long haul/blueprint/new plan.

One may also think on lessons/moments learned… particularly these past few months.  See now how this can assist in charting your course; self clarity.

We are well… and hopefully smiling.  Honestly it doesn’t matter if standing or crawling as we made it and will get our bearing/strength again.  Now is a time to get to know our new self/energy.  So pull in as needed… and enjoy as this is as special and as good as it gets.  Oh so much good can come from this.    ((  ❤  ))

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