Accelerations… and…


While most posts flow and as needed I try to polish a bit… this may be neither, lol… and that’s okay.  Giving a clue to the current energy.  So this will be grab bag style and see what serves. 

We’ve had several starbursts in the past week and starseeds may be feeling.  Tying in perfectly as we’ve also had a significant energy gate open.  Last night I could feel it closing (yet this is often based on, has it served?)  Interesting though as then in body/meditation/energy and reality… feeling these jumps/pushes/thuds of energy as confirmation today.  So no worries as another window/door/gate always opens.  And with a chuckle I could say, I think many of us have a full enough house… and what’s been brought to light.  The next full moon is a week away, 10/24.

For me, I noticed I am… being… (yet an old word would be, patient).  Waves of chi/heat running in body… surreal moments… and sync’s!  ❤  Many of us are walking in the dream (state).  Will write more on this soon.  Now can be simple/easy/pure/perfect.  Yet if one is needing to know/clinging to a certain thing, it may be difficult.  Just be free… enjoy and maneuver as best as you can.

Some of the body adjustments… well… one can (unconsciously) fight.  Let’s just use heat for example.  Our body knows what to do… and while heat serves many purposes, one could think on it as burning away old prophesies/plans/future false realities.  So when you feel the heat/chi… you know it’s doing a good thing for you.  You don’t fight it, you smile and welcome it.

Frequencies are changing and we are in a passageway to a new existence.  This is often not how one would think.  This is a time of shifting to the right/”right” mind.  Also to be beacons of light and safe harbors.  Many have healed all wounds created in this lifetime and beyond – thank you.

There are many vibrations/bandwidths available and this can also be a bit confusing.  Knowing’s/messages may seem now yet then, fade.  Often out of the blue/another time they’ll start again as if a conversation with a good friend – no time was ever in-between.  We’re all being primed.  Be aware and flexible.  One will know when it’s go time/the pieces have come together.

Shifts in the Universe… as above ∞ so below… mean shifts in our personal universe.  (It may though feel like a rug got pulled out.)  One may find that they orbited around something.  And now realize they’ve become the center of their Universe… with planets rotating around and stars everywhere.  Think now on what you love about your self and life.  Ahh… yup, this may be telling/guiding.  One may “feel” certain dynamics/desires yet this is just to seed our future.  It will, in time, come forth.

And some body symbolism:  Achilles’ heel/tendon – a weakness in spite of overall strength.  This could be a physical/mental/etc. vulnerability that can lead to downfall.  One can change their energy and therefore their future.  A dynamic may have presented and while it may seem like one need to do something… maybe it was more about awareness and then changing your energy.

This is often why a deeper look is needed.  It’s one thing to say, I don’t want… (and try to dismiss/avoid it)… yet another to discern on why you keep pulling it to you.  It’s about vibration and energy doesn’t lie.  And, we are responsible for our energy.  Trust that people/situations/etc. stay till they serve.

So we will upgrade until JOY takes over.  While we can choose to be joy in any moment… again it doesn’t always work as such.  Whatever we’re working through now is so that it doesn’t have to be part of our energy/reality.  Unless we want it to be.

[  Almost as a side note I’ll share that years ago I was surprised when the mad/pissed off/rage wave came to be released.  Inner work that I didn’t even know the depths of or quite how to.  Yet… it would happen and be worth it.  Anger is just an emotion, part of the human experience and variety.  Not to be suppressed… managed or to be afraid of.  Why it’s often frowned upon in the spiritual arena…  on the other side of it  (if you get to know it verses just being it)  is understanding, appreciation/gratitude and love.  ]

I’ll also share that if one aligns/believes/experiences walk-in’s… trust this, too, is happening.  A merger of an higher aspect that will be needed.  This can spark of variety of emotions (can be shock and depression like) and what may seem like weirdness.  Breathe and give self, time.  We are puzzles and kaleidoscopes.  New pieces are now seen/felt and opening in heart space.

Many events are in place for 2019.  Much will play out/emerge… and can one… be… who they’ve become/created.  Never before and never again… and, our body is our temple/guide/gift – honor it.  Now may give a new meaning to a long-term commitment.

(((  ❤  )))


Please share your wisdom and ask questions as this post held symbolism/covered a lot of ground.

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  1. Whoa, I AM SPEECHLESS! Such a powerful message Molly, and I’m feeling this big time!!! 💖✨
    Gosh….. thanks so much! Love you dear friend! 💞

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