Anchoring in The/your Dream

I almost titled this post, The Dream verses The Event.  Yet it’s not about this or that (having to make a choice)… more so, all of it.  Oh so many possibilities.  First though I wanted to check in loves and lights.  How are we doing…?  The past few mornings there’s been this hopefully feeling and like yes, we’ll take that.  The body though may be upgrading/feeling big time – the planetary K index has been low, as in hit the ground floor or… the basement.  We have some incoming solar wind so this will bring some relief/a shift (and an update below).  Oh we’re going into full moon energy.  To be able to see/know what we haven’t been able to before. 

So one may feel heat/chill/needing to rest/body ache/heart expansions/gut clearing or as if crawling in life/a reality.  Our body is adjusting to a new frequency.  Be kind, keep breathing and stay hydrated.

I’ve been seeing mini rainbows in the sky as a simple reminder and songs on the radio as if perfectly chosen and timed.  A week ago though I had a series of moments and didn’t understand at first.  Oh this journey often surprises.  Then I realized the energy.  While we feel the times of in-between or even out of mind or body… this was dream-like.  Surreal… and ongoing yet it/I was in body and reality.  Oh… we are walking in the dream.  The one we started to create years ago.  The one some of us may have even let go of/forgotten about.  It has traveled the universe, thru layers of energy and is being returned.

The past several weeks there’s been a theme of redefining one’s journey.  Adjustments have been in process for years now and more recently some final tweaks (yet may feel like big shifts).  I can smile and say, an event is happening.  It’s our life and being an amazing energy here and now.  So one can connect/ponder/feel/meditate on this new personal and universal energy.  Now, when only love remains, what will we manifest… allow… and do?

I can also feel a coming out/running stage emerging.  This though is different than past ones.  It is in wisdom, ease, grace and well poised.  If you don’t feel yet… I can remind to rest/there is no rush/honor your process.  In sleep oh so much is happening.  Dreams may seem bizarre now yet are holding clues.  And sleep patterns may be different.

Energy proceeds and we are ushering in our dream to this reality.  Channeling/being a conduit… anchoring… and simply being it.  Happy dance.  ((  ❤  ))


10/20 afternoon UPdate:  K remains low – since the 17th.  It’s been a while since I’ve seen this low for this long.  Just like when we have a geostorm, low also affects us: body, heart, emotions, etc.  planetary-k-index

And, after I wrote this I kept hearing, personal legend.  Ahh… time to re-read The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho.  ❤

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