The Universe is Self-tuning.

Oh there’s a special/dreamy/gentle/healing energy in the air at I write this.  And after a rock bottom planetary K of almost 5 days (10/17 – 21) followed by electron flux’s to clean us up… we’ll take it!  While peace and ease can be a constant… for many of us, it’s also been very dynamic.

I am working on another post that may take a few days as Spirit has encouraged to go slow with it.  Reflections/thoughts/homework that happened during that significant time (and maybe that energy isn’t quite done yet either).  It may or may not get published – this tying in as many of us are receiving/factoring in new discoveries/intel/have new questions yet are also letting go.  So (for me) if I get to writing, awesome!  And if I don’t, this, too, is awesome.  Just an overall sense of peace and ease and every moment is in service.  Some have been in service to self… others and just being in the now.

Certain themes may seem to be repeating a bit.  One of them may be to allow things to play out… verses feeling one needs to make a choice.  Oh we are taught in 3D and even our spiritual journey that choices matter.  To say YES… and no/NO to certain things and take action as needed.  Interesting as for the first time this seemed a bit like duality.  Some of us have had practice with letting life play out and seeing that the true/best path does naturally surface.  That by making a choice, we can actually cut off the energy too soon.  Yet… I will also say that for many, certain realities are continuing and that a choice is needed.  Only one will know what is best… to do… or… let go/trust the process.

This morning as I meditated with the rising sun and was then going to write, the response back was… God is busy writing today…   Oh and ah, the dance.  As if it’s now the Universe’s turn to lead.

So a reminder to hold space… just as one is.  Can you feel what amazing energy you now hold!  There is nothing, nothing… no thing that needs to be done/changed/is needed.  All is well.  Very well.  One though may soon feel as if they’re waiting… yet trust that we are divinely guided.  And, we are never alone.  If one doesn’t know this… I can encourage meditation/moments with self.  To feel the layers of energy/souls/universes and etc.  And to feel your/one’s love.  It is an immense feeling.  We are loved and supported more than one may realize here and now.  This is one of many knowing’s at our core; it is our home, here.

Interesting as there’s also a nostalgic energy in the air.  This slips in from time-to-time.  We often talk about letting go of the past yet, it’s also good to reminisce and bathe in happy thoughts/energy of any kind.

Another interesting dynamic is… how sharply the energy may change.  A few times now I’ve received a heads up on something and chuckled.  Thinking, aww… that won’t happen.  Yet then within hours, it did!  This can be in a good/not so good/surprising way and a hint as to what will be unfolding over the next several months – year.

We have yet again gone through a significant tune up… and now, as below, so above.  The Universe is having a self-tuning.  A reconfiguration and… cadence  (resolution and harmony).  So certain notes may shine now in the full moon energy and as we roll into the magical month of 11.  Just listen.


Life is good.  Smiling.  Blessed.  Grateful.  I love you!!  Thanks for reading and… more soon.   And, a few pics from the past 24 hours (light encoded).


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