Galactic Cosmic Rays are… what?


Every few months I write a post that takes the next step in making a bridge between science and spirituality (or at least for me).  Yes, this is often what I do for fun, lol.  I preface that I slowly piece together as I live it… and trust that these past few years in moments have been like, did I really sign up for this…? 

What I’ve found is that many of us have a spiritual mind and once it understands, the rest of our body relaxes and flows in the process.  Like, we do get to these crossing points where we’re to pause and question it all.  I often mention that I came from the spiritual foundation that one would have good health.  So ascending symptoms, when they started, surely caught me by surprise.  And as they’ve changed and intensified… oh have I needed to adjust.  So after this last combo of an almost 5 day planetary k on the floor (which honestly doesn’t happen that often) and to be immediately followed by electron flux’s for 3+ nights and spikes in the Schumann resonance… oh I wished to know more.

Many spiritual writers have a style – they may channel or write of the good/bliss/divine.  I’ve tended to share several perspectives.  My experience as a human/HUman, the messages I receive and homework I do.  The good and not so good/what the…??  And this post is just one of 1075… a moment.  In a way blogging just captures a journey and trust there are trillions of ways.  So this is a mix of homework, Spirit guidance and merely… thoughts.  I may not have this right/this is not truth/what do I know…?  as some of my thoughts are not popular in certain spiritual views.  We each carry a different code/purpose.  I am to just share and keep this really, real.  And yes often I write a lot yet that’s part of the process.  Then it is know and becomes simple.  So read for the love of wonder… and reading.  Yet it may assist or spark something in you.

One day I hope/see that there’ll be a way to quantify this process.  As if a medical test to show that one is an active state of healing/ascending/dna changes/plasma body… verses sick.  To show that dna is/has modified and other chemical and biological changes.  Since I came from a medial social work career, I also try to bridge medical and mental health with spiritual.  Right now many on the path may seek medical attention yet our medical system is not taught nor set up to address ascending/this natural process.  And while one may find support online/in a family or tribe/via a holistic doctor or healer/from their own knowing or in meditation… yet this may not be enough or even fully understood.  I think on how I know a variety of amazing spiritual people that don’t experience/believe/understand ascending per say.  It’s why some will say that spirituality can make you sick.  There are many beliefs and it may be easy to judge/feel one is doing something wrong… when this is not the case.

I do also find the timing interesting and a way for many of us to link up.  While spiritual before, 2012 was a defining and awakening year.  So was 2015.  While I was having some ascending symptoms, they really kicked in after my darkest, dark Knight.  😉  For some the symptoms have gone from every now and then and rather mild (in perspective) to back to back energy processes.  Interesting as it’s a lot like this picture which is the spectrum of light/electromagnetics – showing the range of frequencies and wavelengths. 

waves (2)

And at times the waves do get intense… heart, gut, mind, body or emotional distress.  Feeling hot, cold, our bones, spine, organs, teeth and 111 other possible ways.  This is not depression or illness though.  One may need to keep life simple/honor and care for the body – really aren’t given much other choice.

Yet one may find themselves questioning as they’d spent years getting out of stress.  So now why such stress on the body??  At one point one may have called them healings/upgrades/downloads/leveling up/ascending/embodying/next wave of light/dna changes… yet now… one may wonder what is really going on and why?  It must be needed… right…?  I mean we’ve been lead here/trusted the process.

In some moments, it can get intense enough (some feel, some don’t/won’t) that one will not be in joy/swear they don’t want this/feel as if spirituality has ruined their life – which is actually not true yet…  it is – it can and does ruin all false/old.  As the next is working its way through the body it can feel like breaking thru concreate or like labor.  Breathing, perspective, patience, self-love/care, meditation and gratitude can assist.

So for me, several years ago I noticed my body was in sync and feeling many of the charts I mention often in writing.  These charts (planetary k/electron flux’s/etc.) are more traditional used for air-spacecraft operations… not so much the human body.  Yet when the symptoms started, I didn’t know any of this.  I was in a different place in my journey.  As the process has intensified, I haven’t always enjoyed yet would learn something from each physical wave. With this last wave, I felt I needed to understand more verses just allowing.  The answers I’d read in the past by other amazing forerunners now weren’t answering my questions and often guidance on this topic is a bit hush.  I know at times I am to relay the human experiencing this.  So I wished to understand in a new way as these times may continue and to honor/make the best choice/be in peace and grace.  A time of spiritual due diligence.  And for me these moments become a blend of science, medical, mental health and… spirituality, quantum physics, sacred geometry and epigenetics (as defined online as: the study of changes in organisms caused by modification of gene expression rather than alteration of the genetic code itself).

Often and for some time one will feel the energy outside of their body, above or then very close to their aura.  Then we start feeling it in body and it can feel amazing/good/high… or, down right challenging.  And each seems to have a different degree of sensitivity to the fields.

So as I started this round of online homework, wondering how could I relay my questions/pondering/experiences/findings/perspective in a way that may assist another… a word kept coming up.  A word that hadn’t come up before.  We can get a bit airy fairy, see all as good, just encourage/support others through the process.  We describe the upgrades that feel like the flu as Frequency Light Upgrades/where the higher vibes or light meets the body.  And we have experienced the aftereffects/benefits.

Yet now, the word I kept seeing was… … radiation.  Hmm.  The word is a bit alarming so no wonder many lightworkers don’t see it as such/say this outright.  One could say it’s a 3D or science way/word yet interesting as one day as I arose, I had this thought.  IF I was to have had cancer and been receiving treatment… this is how I’d feel.  Waves of heat running through the body, then chilled, overall decreased energy, fluish.  Well, radiation causes the same symptoms.  And years ago when spells of nausea started, I used to think it was a warning/heads up/something wasn’t right with someone I knew.  Then I figured it was the collective general dis ease… or a leveling up of the gut.  Trusting our gut, our second brain, is important.  And if one identifies as an empath, you’ll understand it often feels like a blessing and a curse.  One is sensitive and sometimes this can feel like suffering.  Empathy though can also be transcended (… yet let’s not get off topic).

So then, many of us are feeling the effects of radiation…??  Or the secondary particles?  Well as sited here:  (and all other online info I found), we are not/for the most part shouldn’t be (will also link a helpful fb post below).   Yet… could we be (that in tune)…?  Yes!  By doing the inner work, one does become open and connected to above, below, inner and outer.

So this many give new meaning to the lightworker’s glow or radiating.  And I can see that it’s not like Spirit could say, hold on kiddoes you guys are going to feel this for several years in waves and low doses until your body breaks through to the other side.  I can’t say that many would agree; oh we couldn’t have started here.

So one may ask,  why??    Well, there are many possible reasons and reasons we don’t even know yet.  It can be to heal the body (of the past/cellular memory/generational karma).  It may be alchemizing in advance future disease one may have had  (one may notice a metallic taste in mouth… ahh, we literally are alchemizing).  It can tune one to be/hear higher frequencies.  And… our energy heals… but first one must heal self… and then become this energy.  The healer’s healing starts with self.

Radiation can come in many forms.  EMF’s, solar flares/wind and Galactic Cosmic Rays (GCR) which can affect our central nervous system.  So I read more on radiation… because I believe our body is awakening dormant dna/making any needed modifications.  Gamma (waves) is radiation and can cause mutations in dna.  In high doses, radiation is not a good thing – while it can kill cancer cells, it can also cause cancer and cell death.  In low doses though, for the most part damage/”damage” to normal cells will recover.  Ahh… so is this why it comes in waves and takes years.  Like our human body truly can’t receive any higher of a dose… and our body needs time.

From my view, this is not about alien dna/living 100 years longer/pulling in ancient knowledge that can make the world of difference/having some superpower… yet… in ways it may/can be.  I don’t perceive any of us or this as an experiment either.  For now this is more about the process and how can one live through this… right here and now.  Like we are really feeling and will till…    Trust that Spirit/our higher self though doesn’t wish for us to be or feel sick… or worry/feel as if we’re going to check-out early as we ascend.  Many have felt for years… possibly even decades.  Some have naturally shifted out of and returned again to live/a way.  It can be different for each as…

Often one will have an outer experience.  They will respond with an energy of I do or don’t want this or that.  Well… the body keeps score.  It knows.  And as the next light/energy wave comes, it does it’s job to find the dna and unlock it (and this may be in joy… or painful/yuck).  Often we have to be it to manifest it.

A pattern I noticed some time ago was when planetary K was high, so was the general population’s anger/rush.  There are articles online that can link examples, too.  Yet for those who’ve been doing the spiritual work, anger is released/cleared and a new freedom/bliss and psychic connect are more when geostorms happen.  And, I’ve also noticed the other extreme.  When planetary k is low is can seem too quiet, emotions like ho-hum, depression (often stats for articles on suicidal thoughts go up).  Life can seem in slow mode.  The body may feel pain or stress in the heart.

Solar activity can affect our autonomic and parasympathetic nervous system.  One may experience an increase in heart rate/heart related issues, digestion/”digestion”/gut.  Geostorm alerts do go out for those with pacemakers and electronic equipment can have disturbances.  Hmm… are we feeling the same frequency/intensity form the sun/universe?  Solar storms desynchronize our circadian rhythm – our biological clock and can effect our pineal gland (third eye) and melatonin (which can cause sleep disturbances/changes).

I know I’ve mentioned a lot yet, one more:  the Schumann Resonance – the Earth’s heartbeat.  One of the steps in a spiritual journey is to get back to a normal rhythm… to lower one’s heart rate.  This is meditation and ties into brain waves/theta state.  And this may takes years of practice.  In the quiet periods (both individually and for the Earth), one sync’s in lower/slower heart waves.  Yet then during the spikes… this, too, can effect melatonin, serotonin, blood pressure, immune, cardia and neurological process.  Change in blood flow, increase adrenalin… when honestly many of us have again worked towards lowering our adrenal functions.  Yet as we clear then we can have a closer connection in the increases, too.

Many say all of this can’t be stopped once it starts.  I do and don’t agree.  If one makes choices and takes consistent action they will shift their energy into another path.  Therefore the symptoms/process very well may lesson/end.  Oh the question may become does one wish to ascend or not to ascend … any more.  There is no wrong choice!  I can encourage one to pause and realize how intense/amazing/special this process is and that many do not give self the credit/support/time/love they truly need during this time… as many do not understand.  It may make a great time to allow other’s (even more) into your energy/process/beliefs.  To inform and ask for assistance as there are times when one will need to rest, etc.

And it doesn’t mean that if one doesn’t have this experience that… …  life would be any less.  Honestly, while sacred and special, I am not sure I’d recommend this path for many.  Yet for those… it just happens.  I believe and can see just enough of the why for me… and it becomes a personal choice.  I can also see why many stop/change.  Many won’t need to know any of this.  Not their path or needed to understand.  It’s just a different path… not better than another.

This journey is about becoming and relaying light/truth… and love.  Now… so much is changing and quickly, so additional homework/Spirit messages/experiences may change the understanding and I will continue to share as I can.  Really this is just the tip of the iceberg.  And as always, do your own discernment.  For now thanks for reading, blessings… and feel free to share your wisdom/comments, too.     (( ❤ ))



Side note/for later:  There are two forms of radiation.  Ionizing radiation which is categorized as high energy and passes through and knocks electrons out of atoms –  this would be solar flares.  And non-ionizing radiation which is a lower energy and used for radio, microwaves, visible light and UV light.

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  2. Powerful, powerful information here! Thank you so very much!

    “Yet now, the word I kept seeing was… … radiation. Hmm. The word is a bit alarming so no wonder many lightworkers don’t see it as such/say this outright. One could say it’s a 3D or science way/word yet interesting as one day as I arose, I had this thought. IF I was to have had cancer and been receiving treatment… this is how I’d feel. Waves of heat running through the body, then chilled, overall decreased energy, fluish. Well, radiation causes the same symptoms. And years ago when spells of nausea started, I used to think it was a warning/heads up/something wasn’t right with someone I knew. Then I figured it was the collective general dis ease… or a leveling up of the gut. Trusting our gut, our second brain, is important. And if one identifies as an empath, you’ll understand it often feels like a blessing and a curse. One is sensitive and sometimes this can feel like suffering. Empathy though can also be transcended (… yet let’s not get off topic).”

    Woziers!! This makes such sense to me!!!! Great post, and resonating fully!!

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