Good morning


Now this one will be very short and sweet.  An energetic time indeed.  Many starbursts overnight and they can play out in dreams, clarion calls, messages, more visual/wow meditations and higher bursts of energy in the day-to-day.  And then let’s see how that really plays out.  The past week+ one may be feeling much happen in their body and energy.  It may have challenged/pushed one mentally/emotionally/physically.  It can be easier if…


we just let it.  And one may feel a new/not before area/spot/body part that is doing some clearing.  It should pass in a day or so.  Each is on a bit different track now.  For some it is, go time.  For some, it is slow time.  Lol… or no time   😊   So… sharing sunrise pictures – light encoded.


(((  ❤  )))


P.S.  Ah, and this Good Morning, a past post, may also be a good sync.

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