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As I awoke this morning and thought how can I describe what I’ve been physically experiencing… to capture and relay it in words… I took a breath and smiled.  I’ll just do what I do… write.  So this is not so much for the those who are just starting to experience ascending symptoms.  Trust that many of us have had several passes/waves/years of practice now. 

And each has been a bit different.  Many of us though are past the stage of being blindsided.  We also seem to be past the seeking and healing stages yet also know that these moments come/arise as needed.  Most are also beyond the doing stage and respect the process and our body more than ever.

So please know that the following is just to share/document and while I may note recommendations – each is having their own very personal experience and seek within.

So I’ve been in process for weeks now.  Yes, it comes and goes and there are good days, too.  Feeling perfectly normal… hmm, whatever that is, lol.  While at times we are given a heads up, often ascending just happens.  And it may be an hour here… a few days there… and the longest I’ve physically felt has been 6 weeks at a time.  So…

Sleep is yet again different.  Times of needing 10+ hours yet then possibly days of lucky to get a few restful hours and then needing a nap or multiple mini rests.  The interesting thing is the rests has changed (yet one may not know this yet) from the need for sleep to just being on the cusp… falling into and then awaking amazingly restored… as if a reboot.  Or a more lucid like state and at times it can feel as if much is coming/going/filtering/random (clearing the akashic).  The rests also seem to tie into being gravity free/relaxed/allowing the energy-body to do what it needs to.  They may come within an hour of arising, too.  And often the inner light show as soon as one closes their eyes.  Dreams and travel are either frequent or not remembered.

Water has been a constant to stay hydrated and fluid.  Food though has changed over the years.  At times craving salt, sugar, fat, protein, greens and taking supplements if (often if one is needed they show up in dreams or out of the blue a word will come).  There are days of needing frequent mini meals/eating more than usual and then days of food not even registering.

Mood.  I am hoping for the most part this is good for all.  This is a choice and ties into what work one has previously done, can do now, as well as resiliency.  I remember when this started several years ago journaling… what happened to the happy/peppy me…??  Taking time to identify personality traits you do like seems to weave them into the process yet trust that all will be naturally restored as it should be.

Body.  Pretty consistent these past few weeks has been this 4-5 a.m. moment.  And is seems to be a 50-50.  As if awoken to feel/experience the body adjusting to the new/light/frequencies and one may or may not be able to go back to sleep.  One can literally feel the expansion in the body.  It may feel like pressure or as if one is blowing up a balloon.  Heart expansions may also be felt.  They may be mild or feel extreme/concerning.  A few deeper breaths can help.

Heat or a deep chill.  Then upon arising or soon after one may feel achy.  Stretching, Epson salt bath or an advil may assist.

One may also have another time of day where they need to reboot again.  I seem to feel often between 8-9 p.m.

Eyes.  Seeing stars yet??  Orbs/flashes/veils/blobs and they may be dark, any color and just a split second.  Our brain is adjusting to an influx of chemicals as our penal gland is pumping.  One may have light sensitivity when they first rise (wearing sunglasses inside).

[  And if one is a sun watcher… please know that pinguecula is real in the human eye – uv radiation – use protection.  ]

Tones… continue.  They may be in one ear, different pitches and may get very deep/broad/resounding or like a laser from one ear to the other.

Ouch.  Each day or every few days a new spot.  It can be easy to wonder or attach a past or future story yet for the most part just allow your body to do what it needs to.  For this round not so much the spine yet the gut does still seem to be upgrading.  Glands, lymph nodes and reproductive organs may also be feeling.  And (for me) a few nights prior to bed feeling the lower body ache/drop and in the past have had this come out of nowhere and been brought to my knee’s/feels like the floor gave out/fawn like wobbly legs as a sign.

Lost time.  I am sure many have felt before.  Where did the week/month go…??  Spirit reminds that time lost is time gained.

Language, words and computers/electronics… oh all of this in moments may be a challenge.  And being very present/remember an event/conversation yet then the other recalls/hears something totally different – much is in flux.

As all of this is happening… we are also living.  I’ve found that what needs to get done, does.  Maybe in a different way or time.  It can be easy to push self.  Or wander around half out of your head (which really I don’t advise).  While we are protected, one may be a bit off centered/not aware/accident prone… or not be able to be in certain places or read/listen to too much.  Needing time/space/to be in your energy.  This should feel special and while some moments may be tough… can also feel really good.  Breathe, allow and care for self as this has become the priority.    ❤

10 comments on “Total WorkUp

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  3. Tones in ears always nonstop. So many years now. I am turning sometimes into a morning bird, and other times I need extra sleep. Overall I am falling asleep earlier and sometimes within an hour. Still wish I had The superhuman ability to fall asleep in 5 minutes. I am now Reiki level 2! I am also getting better at dance. Studying up in LoA again.

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  4. Thanks for this. As well as pretty much all the physical effects you mentioned here I’m discovering that my sleep over the past year and longer is no longer restorative. I wake exhausted every single day, with possibly one day out of 2 to 3 months where I’m not. Some days I wonder how much more of that in particular I can take. What’s the point of all of this upgrading and ascending if I’m a basket case barely able to function most days?

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    • I think you know I, too, have been there. Uncle! A few weeks ago a particular pulse and then I shifted and knew, remembering the phrase, God doesn’t give us more than we can handle… and feeling this in different ways earlier in my life – like not sure I could do another minute then either. Isn’t it interesting as the journey for many started one place (so magical, sweet, healing, amazing) and has now placed us here. Here is still all of that yet also unknown/different/intense. Each integration has been worth it for me yet I can see why this is not for all here and now. I also believe that this is a well timed event for many of us, like not forever. Trust/faith/patience… ❤
      P.S. you know to pull in/ask for guidance/help 😉 the little and personal ways do help.
      Love you so!!

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      • Thank you so much! Yes, I keep asking for help, asking for my process in particular to slow down so it’s more manageable. I hope and pray I’ll feel like myself again one day, and that I’ll have access to my energy and wisdom again. One day…

        Love you too!!

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        • Welcome to fast-tracking!! It’s like cross-training on a job or trial by fire, lol. And this I am sure… YOU will be wise, energetic you again plus more. I think right now you are pretty amazing 🙂 ❤

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