Who would you be without complaining?


Interesting as for weeks now an energy has been active amongst many spiritual beings.  And that energy would be… complaining.  I get it… and even do it, too.  Yet it’s one thing to mention/release/share and another to wallow in and continue (to stay stuck).  Yes, life/ascending/evolution is a journey and some parts are tough/not ideal (and for extended periods) yet… we each have a choice. 

I could say that complaining is 3D energy.  And it does serve.  While it can be a release, it often becomes a repeating/unproductive energy.  One has to make a conscious choice to pull themselves up/out/away from the action/choice of complaining.  There’re so many other wonderful energies one could be.  Possibly try on an energy of…

❤  Gratitude.  Make a list… it should be long.  Health (even in all the upgrades), clothes, roof over head, clean water, shower, food… and if you have family/friends/any form of transportation to include your feet/enough money/cell phone/etc. then… 😊  I’d bet you have it better than you realize.  Perspective.  Think you have it bad… careful as the Universe may show you.  (And often we forget we are having the experience we asked/signed up for.)

❤  Service.  Some are now deep in upgrades yet if one isn’t… go to a cancer treatment center/homeless shelter/home for disabled children and volunteer.  Stay and return.  At times lightworkers get so focused on awakening (self and others) or when will it get easier (particularly for self, a bit absorbed), they miss the point.  So don’t just read this… try this!  Spread your wings.

❤  Action.  Maybe a good cry, scream, run or finding a punching bag/gym/weights would do the body some good.  Get the endorphins pumping  😉

❤  Love to self.  If you find self complaining, YOU need love… your love.

If you don’t like or feel comfortable with silence, being alone… well this is one of the most amazing gifts of the journey.  With practice/time… you can.  You can fall in love with silence/not doing (just to do or pass the time) and yourself in the best kind of way.  This step is important because without this knowing/inner core/space… many actions/events/missteps can happen.

And as many are experiencing the more intense energies awaken in the body… one may go through spells where they need to rest… a lot.  One may need to spend several days in bed/chair/just their energy.  Sure it may feel awkward/unproductive or one may not want to… just like when a 5-year-old gets whinny because… they need a nap.  😉   So it doesn’t matter how long you’ve been up… if whinny/complaining = rest time.  One may say but I can’t… yet now may make a good time to say, I am experiencing the FLU and need time/space (knowing it’s Frequency Light Upgrades and no need to explain to others who might not understand yet please do to those who need to understand you).

❤  Getting to REAL.  Take a breathe.  A moment.  Zero point all energy – disappointment, frustration, longing, etc.  Take stock of who, what and where you are now.  Forget about the future.  What very small or large thing can or do you need to do…?  Sometimes it needs to be different than what one’s been doing.  Pray/meditate/listen and follow your heart.  Interesting as it can be so simple – don’t make it complicated.

One may also benefit from discerning.  Write down any complaint/issue you have.  See how often it comes up.  Daily?  A few times a year?  Each time you notice the tone of your words falls to a complaining vibe… pause and write it down.  Look for the a-ha.

What can amazing you… the creator of your destiny do???  The answer(s) may not come immediately yet stay with it.  Even if you don’t have what you want/feel blocked/limited… no excuses.  Think higher.  Find peace and happiness now… not later.  Look for the unique way you can have what you want.  It’s there – look again.

39409906_316303489104361_4173861364420313088_nRemember your sovereignty.

One may also ask self, why have I brought this challenge to me…?  Yet… maybe it’s not a challenge at all.e28d00fa9cd9008c6d63710670de38f9

Oh we’re not victims.  We are victorious.  And the opposite of complaining is to complement – try it.  The energy of acceptance, cheer, support and enjoyment.

And as lightworkers we wish to assist others.  Often we do help to remind/shift as another is having a moment.  All that’s needed is a dose of kindness/love/laughter.  Yet sometimes we may also play more of a tough love role which may include a step back and letting others empower self.  We can’t be what they need to do/discover for self… and, they will.   This is a time of providing spiritual support… tough love in moments and letting go… as our energy and time here is a gift.  Let’s use it wisely.    ❤


7 comments on “Who would you be without complaining?

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  2. Oh I love this!! And complaining I have found myself doing way too much, yet I have become more aware of this lately, and have been immediately shifting the ENERGY, to GRATITUDE, oh how MUCH BETTER this feels!! “Jesus Annette, STOP THE F*^%#+ complaining”!! Great post, thank you Molly, and SYNC!!
    P.S. I loved the Frequency Light Upgrades (FLU)…..yUP! 💖🤗💖

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