Checking our spiritual pulse

This journey for me has become about sharing… yet for some time there’s also the balance.  At times we live our truth through connecting, serving and being with others and then other times, we need to only be with self.  So one may feel this great call home/inward.  To let go of much that’s been and surrounds.  We are preparing for 11/11 and 2019 energy. 

I will say that often the call, particularly the first time can seem confusing.  It may come when one is on a roll or really enjoying the outer energy and activity.  And then as one turns in (again this could be the first several times) it can seem so quiet/ uneventful/why??  This time for me it became special immediately and this told me something.   😊   And these calls/moments may last a day or weeks.  One will know.

So just noting and some may be repeats as often this journey does.  Ponder on what stirs and thanks for reading.

❤  This time may now feel about boundaries… yet interesting as Spirit is without/limitless/omnipresent.

❤  The more one can clear prior to the body work phase, the better.  Otherwise it may be magnified as the body is adjusting in light.  This is why many of us had years of emotional, mental and spiritual work prior to.  Interesting as many have been working through fear of death/illness/life (yet again) with this latest round of embodiment energy.

❤  There’s also been a pulse to heal/mourn the spiritual journey.  This may come as quite a surprise yet some will understand.  We can create expectations and karma as we have this very divine experience.  It also ties into why some chose not to write on certain spiritual experiences.  They just don’t wish to capture/note/not how one wishes for their story to be told or remembered – we’re each in charge of our process/legacy/ashakic.  For me, this journey has held many UP/down/amazing/surprise moments… and, often the inner rebel likes to buck (what has been) the spiritual norm, lol.  Yet trust that what feels like mold breaking will pail in compassion with the waves that are upcoming.

❤  One may notice the much larger pattern of a dramatic change/what felt like a decent, being removed (and possibly for years) and now being brought back to life.  During the removed stage one is often protected from every little thing.  As one returns, one would think this magical bubble would continue yet that might not be the case.  One may find that stuff happens/people resurface/things you didn’t have to worry about before have returned.  So see how you now deal and are.  For some, they may get irritated seeing much as silly 3D things.  Oh with ease and grace  😊

❤  When many start the ascending path, one follows the signs.  There always seems to be a next:  this date, gate, upgrade, union, solar event, once in 111 year intergalactic alignment, embodiment – lol.  Yes, let’s breath and chuckle.  At times we do take all of this too serious.  Some do as they honor/know… some in following the promise… or next carrot/for a reward.  One may follow for the hope/mystery/fairy tale/surprise/joy of it.  Yet many will get to a point where the path has served yet they still don’t know what to do.  It’s very interesting and can be a perplexing energy to be in.  To be wise, willing and able… yet not yet seeing all that one has been so well prepared for.  This is a time of again shifting through illusions.  Trust that your truth and next will surface.

And interesting as this word came up.  Inheritance…. = in her (or him) it is   😉   One may wish to meditate a few times on this one.


❤  I received a brief yet interesting message on the window of the soul – our eyes.  The visual was the pupal is the black hole or void and as one comes into creation the/a galaxy swirls and creates an eye color.

❤  There are so many types/groups/ways… yet now many of us are a new breed.  Over the years I’ve swayed between the all Spirit right brain and the left brain which could be described as the details/understanding/relayer of wisdom/visionary forerunner/scientist and etc. mix.  At times left brainers can seem to left/in their head/intel over heart.  And all right brainers  ❤  yet often not as much action/consistency/follow thru happens.  I’ve mingled in general spirituality, hippie, shaman, galactic groups and etc.  Each taught me something amazing and yup, many truly are a mix of all of this and so much more.  And what many don’t understand/perceive is the ascending/Christ track does hold some suffering… which is to be transcended.  We are love, light… and laughter, song and dance.

And… … I experienced first hand how we do create our own delays.  (For me) there was a decision made/pep talk/felt good… yet when the moment came… I caved.  Ahh, as if this also happens in higher/other planes of energy and we feel it  (the yes… yet then… delay/it doesn’t happen).  It may come the next day or…  Trust that we are all doing the best we can and …

WE’ve done more than we realize during this time!!  It’s been intense for several weeks now (October+ energy).  Some have felt under the Universes thumb, being taught (possibly in an unusual way), given time to discern on secrets/truth and had yet another mood and mental examination.  Plus, the body work.  Breathe and rest in heart space.  Smile.  Shift to joy… the life we wish to lead.  Let all fears/false fade.  Just be who you are – your own personal legend.

((( ❤  )))

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