Keep moving forward

Good morning loves and lights… how we doing…?  Holy Moly to 2018 energy.  It does seem like it’s all going on.  Discernment, physical body adjusting, reality moments and for some it may seem like Spirit’s been a bit quiet.  I’ve often noticed these ebbs as we grown into our new pair of shoes-soles-soul. 

There’s definitely been a lot of mind energy running.  This can be a good thing… or place one too much in their head.  Pull that energy down to heart and soul … being space.  Take a breathe, open up (roll shoulder blades back) and know that all is well.  Bless your amazing mind and… set it free.

For some they may be deep in mystery school, abc spiritual school… or the akashic.  Oh there’s so much to remember.  No rush, just enjoy.  At times our mind searches/craves stimulation/is on guard.  Again, this can be good thing… yet can also go into overdrive.  One can default to joy/simplicity.

Often in my journey I’ve seen U-turn symbolism and each time it’s meant something a bit different.  For me personally with this last loop, a few things did need to be revisited.  We do our best… and travel onward again.  This journey is very thorough for some.  I chuckle when I think on the word, purity.  I remember reading of it years ago and the process hasn’t been what I thought/envisioned.  Although it can be, it’s really not as much about diet, white light meditations, etc… yet an individual process that naturally happens and unfolds for each.  While external reminders may assist, turn in as you are your best teacher.  Everything you need is in your presence.

Often yet unconscious one will hold divided/conflicted beliefs.  This journey is to bring those (along with 111 other things) to the surface; to show/make aware.  Interesting as not so much to make a choice… yet to bring into acceptance, balance and harmony.  [  I Am that… and that… and…  ]  It may also show areas where one is still holding on to conditioning/old verses trusting their body/guidance/new/truth.

There’s also been a thread of feeling as if one is a failure.  This may or may not tie into dark night (ish) energy.  Well… the opposite of failure is, success.  And that’s what the Universe wishes us to know/be.  This may also tie into, burnout.  One would think that this wouldn’t be an experience on the journey but oh it is!  Often the natural cycle is depletion.  So this may present as exhaustion/frustration/oh my – resembling a hot mess … or can also be graceful/with ease and a smile.  A burnout can take time.  (One may have a moment or long season of, I want nothing to do with…  )    Yet one can also shift quickly- realizing they’re not burned-out… just now, appropriately caring.

This has been a time of embodying.  It may be an aspect, higher self, best friend  😊  Truly a special time and one may be in much joy… or not so much/it hasn’t been an easy process for all.  We don’t though hold self back from better.  There’s so much good to come.  If one isn’t feeling this now… rest and reset.  Glass ceiling and walls can vanish… (or breakthroughs can happen).

I’ve been seeing daddy long leg spiders and this seems to fit.  The web/spider symbolism and our depth/long legs/reach/freedom that we now have.  Oh everything moves with you.  Can you feel the Universal dance?  Looking forward to this next chapter with all of it’s choreography.    ❤

And… Happy Diwali – Festival of lights. 

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