11/11 – 11/17 energy


I usually write of the joy in the journey as it’s always there and easy to see… yet I also have, let’s get real about how this/now feels moments.  Overall and personally I feel as if much (whatever arises) has been more neutral these past several weeks.  Yet trust the me of even a year ago (and in moments now) could provide a list of adjectives, lol.  For some though it may feel like the 9th month of pregnancy where one is…

a bit uncomfortable yet also knowing something amazing is coming.  There is an energy many of us are forerunning and we do seem to be in yet another mental, emotional and physical pass phase.  This one may be of the extended (weeks) type.  And when it becomes a bit extended, that can be a challenge.  Now has reminded me of similar energy of a few years ago (7/2015).  Patience, simplicity and a smile was a must.  And this 11/11 gate in the year of 11 may very well tie into the literal date of 11/11/11 – seven years ago; ponder.

Ascending sensations (that may continue) are different than being sick.  They just feel different.  While they can be intense in moments, they usually ebb and flow.  One knows something is going on/doesn’t feel quite normal yet they don’t follow the rules/patterns of illness.

And one may be a bit surprised at what one’s feeling/thinking on/now seeing.  Do and do not take too serious.  Balance with love, fun/laughter and a breath/meditation.  While it may feel all defining, really it’s just a moment… that factors into the grander.

It is an interesting time.  Allowing nature to run it’s course.  Allowing life and processes to surface and play out.  In the past, we often had times of needing to react/do… or elevate – willing to be creators/active participants/responsible stewards… verses just having faith.  Well… now one will naturally do what needs to be.

And here’s a thought to ponder… … we create our own problems/issues… just so we can come to our own solutions.  😉

One though may still wonder why a particular door hasn’t opened.  A simple answer could be that the energy or time must not be right.  And we can often make peace and find joy in the present moment/reality/what’s been given.  Oh November is the month of gratitude.  And I usually don’t focus on dates yet the numerology and week of 11/11 – 17… or possibly till the 19th does seem interesting/to hold some different energy (like sync’s and open eyes and see magic).

So… some may feel that now is unknown/undefined.  I could share that an extended period of life is about to unfold.  For some though they’ll need time and the next few gates/months.  When clarity comes though, it is a gift and gamechanger.  Magic can happen as it is inside us… now and our nature.  So let’ s see where now takes us.

((  ❤  ))


P.S.  One of many themes for several weeks now has been, SECRETS… yet I also feel the/”the” secret is getting ready to be revealed.  This can be/present in reality… or in truth/meditation/clarity… or in the larger collective/world.  It may be a shocker… blessing… game changer.  Oh I like surprises.  Until, we keep moving forward.

10 comments on “11/11 – 11/17 energy

  1. The treadmill of expansion and ascension has been a grueling one. If I could jump off I would. Having my gallbladder out a few weeks ago has helped. Forcing me to ground into the here and now. Removing things that no longer served my body (despite doing deep healing on it 2 yrs ago). Giving me societal permission to be a couch potato while I heal. (Yet I still do, do, do, as I can).

    The Universe recently connected me with a new hypnotherapist (my modality of choice) and after our first session it feels like a step in a slightly new direction. Themes of magic and alchemy came up. And keeping the faith/being patient, until the exterior new begins to catch up with the inner new.

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    • ❤ and HUG! Yes, please take care of you and your amazing physical body/vessel. This journey is slow (then fast), deep and thorough! Enjoy the magic of new directions… and the couch time, too. ❤

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  2. I am taking an ascension break for the next few months. Apparently, Brenda Hoffman, says the body needs time to catch up in channeling Friday. I’ve had two colds that went from horrible to gone the next day, so I guess they were not colds. Kind just my body saying, I will give you a head cold and fatigue till you listen to me and sleep!

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    • ❤ Brenda and YOU. Ascension can happen naturally and at times a change/break/just being in joy is needed.
      And for me this is a good example. In the past (many times) feeling as if I would be very ick and then magically gone after sleep. At times the light works in mysterious ways. 😉 ❤

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