Ascending struggle


Just wanted to check in on the current energy.  Sleep may be needed and one may be feeling significant heart expansions.  I remember when these started for me, they were borderline alarming.  Now I smile, roll shoulder blades back/open up and take a few slow and deeper breaths. 

There’s a theme running these past few days so I thought I’d mention it.  Honestly I though we were past it yet…   So as I looked back over my notes, including the random dreams, the word/vibe would boil down to releasing another layer of… suffering… as well as anything else that’s untrue.  If one is an empath, oh it can feel personal and challenging.  One may though notice that it is not you yet…

So why are we feeling it?  Well… we have to know it… intimately!  This is the group that will be awakening – probably for the next decade plus.  Many awaken in great sorrow/anger/disgust/pain/struggle/confusion… and the spiritual journey does provide answers/comfort/healing/joy/peace.  We are the spiritual triage:  teachers/healers/wayshowers/friends and trust that the masses (in time and ways) are coming.

So I’ll share a few thoughts for now:

❤  Know this is not personal (although it can be if it’s needed).  LOVE yourself through this.  A journal may help to note the feelings/thoughts and to see the other side.  For example:  hate = love, pain/discomfort = joy,  struggle = ease/flow.   The struggle vibe effects and may encompass more than one realizes:  our work, living, relationships and etc.,  so this theme is a great one to work with.

❤  It may be an invitation. When all of this started for me years ago, I was drawn to a news report on a tornado that had hit a school.  Children were killed and of course one would pause in sadness.  Then out of nowhere their souls started to speak with me and I wrote down their messages.  The children told me things and messages of joy (even in a tornado that ended their time here).  Yes, this was a surprise yet taught me and became part of my new core.  Even in devastation/death/crisis, there is a plan and reason.  So if one is finding themselves drawn or in an energy of loss/suffering, it may be to release it… or it may be, to be taught of the higher plan.  I’ve found that being curious yet relaxed/open  =  a way for messages and knowing’s to come.

❤  If you fear struggle… trust that the Universe will make you experience/feel it again and again.  Fear can be very unconscious.  Ponder and dig a bit deeper.  And interesting as the word indignant also comes… and hmm/the spelling is so close to indigent  😉

If one is hesitant to get to know self and Spirit better, oh moments come that give us the push to push past and discover.  Meditation can assist  (in a comfy spot and know that you are safe for whatever to come and go).  The more one practices these types of moments/releases, the easier they get.  They are very freeing!

❤  Suffering teaches us of our blessings, resiliency and power of choice.  Suffering gives us opportunities to be kind/care for others.  And suffering is ancient.  What we call suffering here/now… we have no clue/reference point.  In a recent dream I was seeing very old/archaic pain and suffering being wiped from the akachic.  While I don’t feel that the details need to be repeated, trust me that that is was an eye opener that one could endure/survive that level of suffering.  The worst truly is behind us.

So let’s do the work and get to the other side of it… a bit lighter as we all move along again.  Much love.

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