a light pow


Okay… just noting some of the possibilities energy wise.  There have been some energy pow’s… and I mean POW’s.  Years ago they used to feel like energy incoming and then/now very much energy awakening inside of one.  Internal and organic… and in moments may feel…

a bit intense/unusual/even uncomfortable.  So whatever you had planned… well…  One may need to take a break and allow.  They may pass quickly (within a few minutes to an hour of rest) or may take several hours of sleep to integrate.  They may come as one sleeps (yet awakens), twice in a day or every other day.  I could go technical yet will keep this simple – trust there’s a science/molecular change/how we’re creating our plasma/light body.

So I could encourage those on the ascending track to clear the channel, ground and be open.  Honor your body and the moments where adjustments will need to be made.  Otherwise one may feel disoriented/as if too much energy is running (because it is) or feeling you’re having to push to get stuff done (just let go).  The physical sensation will also accompany and could be anything.  One may find that eating lite and staying hydrated is also necessary.  This energy may run through the end of the month/when and as needed.  Interesting as I thought on the 7 days of creation during this 11/11 – 11/17 passageway; trust that 2018 has had many – particularly these past two months.

Now may also be a bit trippy.  Veils do seem thin and it’s definitely not lateral, logical and flux’s in timelines are significant.  One may have something old plop right in front of them.  Remember you’re not crazy nor the old you.  Love works every time  (so I could also say just smile and not to take so serious/personal).

Passion is coming back online.  Yippee.  And so is happiness.  Many have felt the neutrality as well as the melancholy (for some this has been months, possibly even years).  Personal energy will be increasing.  This may first though come in previews/moments verses consistent.

And tying in a bit as I’ve been mentioning these past few months that many have an amazing spiritual process (that may last for years) yet may then wonder… what was that all about?  What about now?  When will this or that unfold…???  A hint hint may also be when a spiritual journey is no longer so/as joyous (… yup, this can happen).  A recent message I received was reviewing this topic again.  Many of us are prepared/restored/gifted yet are then returned again to life.  This is a blessing and a process in itself as for some they were so far removed/rebuilt, it does take time to “come back”.  One will feel as if they still carry a higher calling yet the dynamics/vibration have’s clicked yet.  And… it may not this life.  Or as you think.  😉  So, can one make peace with this…?  Ah… …  to make peace with here and now – one’s life just as it is.  To see the design, reasons and be in gratitude.  We can get a bit near sighted and this is a double marathon.  We’re also to be our own creators and embrace the freedom we’ve been given – as YOU wish.  😉  We let go of our conditions to get to unconditional love… as well as an unconditional life.  Now can be amazing.

So now may be a mix of allowing the light to do what it needs to.  To take us to the next level as well as lead one home.  Connect with your soul… and love.  These moments alone can make all the difference.  And remember you’re a divine creator and being.

Ahh, blessings and more soon!  ((  ❤  ))

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