Ascending Family and Holiday Time


For many we’re getting ready to roll into the Holiday Season.  Thanksgiving, Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanza, New Years and etc.  For those on a spiritual journey, holiday time can be different… and as the journey continues, one may notice that they respond a bit different each year.  Long held beliefs may no longer resonate.  Long held traditions (the shopping, baking, decorating, meals, gatherings) may or may not continue.  And one might not realize just how much they’ve changed until…

they find themselves in the middle of what was… realizing it doesn’t match their energy/plan now.

A spiritual journey holds many stages.  One may be in a stage of questioning/wondering if other’s would understand/feeling alone – the purple sheep in the family.  Or one may be in a stage where the body is really feeling the upgrades (and not being the life or light of the party) and it’s just not possible to go/do/push like they’ve normally done in years past.  And one may feel that they can’t disclose how woo-woo/a being of light they’ve become.  (Blessed are those who can!)  So even if this is true, there’s ways/moments of planting seeds, sharing a perspective as well as the common threads, love and laughter that hold all of us together.

Now may be a good time to check-in with self.  Some may have already felt  anxiety/something doesn’t feel right/don’t want to go/do yet… may out of obligation or not to hurt other’s feeling or just because it’s the way it’s always been.  One may even feel bah-humbug… as if they just need space and it is the season that many have increased stress/anxiety/winter blues/SAD/depression.  Honor this as it is for a reason; discern.  It can be a joyous season.  A great time to change traditions… as well as make some things simpler.  To truly savor.

So I could suggest to meditate on any issues/event/gathering in advance.  See how your body feels.  What thoughts/emotions/old can be released now.  What energy can be worked with (in a higher plane).  What guidance may come through that would change your energy and help to point in the right direction?  How can you alchemize and transcend the holiday times?  It can be peace, in gratitude, merry and bright.

Emotions and expectations are often heightened during holiday time.  Gentle and honest communication in advance may assist.  How can you explain/share/introduce new traditions/a change in roles.  Think inclusion… what feels natural… and fun!  One may be surprised at the love, understanding and support received.  Oh what good can come from this!  Yet… at times others are easily surprised/offended/triggered and resistant to change.  How can one still unconditionally love and do what is best for self… and all??  Well, this answer will be different for each.  Trust your gut and a sign or dream may also assist/confirm.

The holidays can be simple, joyous and pure.  Maybe suggest a yoga class or find a labyrinth.  Decorate a chakra tree or Christmas music in hz (432/heart, etc. – google).  Visit a nursing home or make a new friend/be kind to a “stranger”.   And maybe one does need to say, no to others and yes to self/new/now.  Keep in mind though that this journey is about us – our energy is a gift and is to be shared.

The holiday time can also be a very healing time.  This may be personal or multigenerational.  It can be a mystical time – symbolism surrounds.  So quiet or slower/unplanned moments may become very special.

There’s no wrong way to do this so really no worries.  Just follow your heart.  Every moment is truly a gift.  Situations serve and we are love and light.  Have any holiday represent what is now important and represents you/your energy.

Blessing!   (((  ❤  )))

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