Welcome to the acceleration

Often I can feel when a blogging break is needed or coming yet this one just seemed to naturally happen.  At times they’re for personally reasons, other times one will feel the need to clear the channel/turn inward or, life just gets ample in other ways.  Often when I take a pause I go back and review notes made and share… yet… that’s not the direction we are heading in.  We’re forerunning and full forward into 2019 while remaining very much present in the now.

Over the years I’ve often found these mini-breaks interesting.  There are moments of wonder.  Some of the shifts that happen can be substantial – yet one might not realize.  There’s an energy of unbelievable yet it may be so close one isn’t aware… just yet.  This may be/become a season of surprises.  Yet in saying this, check your expectations.  Rarely is it what one thinks.  Gifts come in all sorts of packages.  Everything is happening the way it needs to.  So open heart… and, enjoy the ride.

For some December will be the trinity of the 10/10, 11/11 and 12/12 gates.  Three a-ha’s/pows/wows.  This has been a time of ascending much, to include our reality/life, thoughts and body – all energy.

Much may seem fluid… even bizarre.  Truth is changing.  It may seem like a mixed bag yet it can be easy/all good.  I could say focus on the positive yet if it’s about control, fear, sadness, victim/suffering, old/karma or needs to be expressed or healed…  it has/will surface (… to be better understood, transcended/released/birthed into the next).

Some may feel in a very unique energy… because you are.  It would be your own.  There will be external reminders but this is often an inner journey.  We do though ebb and flow outward, too.

Some may feel as if a complete template wipe is happening.  These can take a few days+, feel surreal in moments and one may physically or energetically feel some s-t-r-e-t-c-h-e-s/growing pains.  It may feel like another stripping away.  A change in perspective though can make all the difference.  What is real/true/good is getting ready to step forward.

A clear and consistent message has been, an acceleration is coming.  I smile.  I will say personally I’ve felt these accelerations for a few years now yet even more so in 2018.  Some accelerations can feel like a doozy (borderline knock one down).  They can be bliss like, amazing spiritual moments/unfolding’s or… just plain tough on the body as it adjusts to new light/frequencies.  So that’s why some are like yes, bring it and others wonder how much more can one process.  With this one, it feels needed/wanted, that we’ve been well prepared and it will be both more natural and grounded.

So honor your body, energy, process and truth.  Do and do not take anything too serious as much is and will shift.  If in doubt, take a breath and just remember who you are… love and light… and, what all of this has been for… your (and our) redemption.  Right here and now.   ❤

10 comments on “Welcome to the acceleration

  1. 2018 has definitely been one of accelerations! My physical body has been feeling it more this time around. Unfortunately, I cringe at the thought of another one, but it’s for a good purpose and we’ll get through it like always!

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  2. I too have felt these accelerations for a few years, and MOST DEFINITELY 2018!!!
    It just keeps getting better, and BETTER!!! (((❤️)))

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